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16 December 2012

Black Day for Delhities and shame for every human.....When I reached home 2 days back and while travelling through Delhi, I just wanted to get the hell out fearing a massive outrage in retaliation to the unjust crackdown by Delhi police a day before. Nothing happened that day and I felt that the anger spilling on the streets had died its usual death. But I was wrong. I felt that anger today when I heard the news of your sad demise. Today in the silent protests on the streets of Delhi I could sense a feeling of disgust mixed with shame and helplessness. I share the same feeling and so do most of us. Like everyone here I too wish you had lived to see students in Delhi brave the atrocities of the police while demanding justice for you. I wish you had lived to see your torturers die a painful death. I wish you had lived to forget the scars and pain bestowed on you by the low lives of our society. But God had other plans for you. He has taken his daughter to his abode away from this vindictive world to ease her pain. I know you will think a thousand times before coming back here as a mortal. Forgive us if you can. Forgive us for not doing enough to save you, forgive us for our shameful denial. You shall forever be remembered as the victim of our nefarious ways, someone who inspired many of us still sane enough to speak up against injustice. Someone who made us realize the feeling of getting robbed of our flesh and soul. Rest in peace dear sister. And as one of my seniors said, please don’t come back here till we make this country a better place for you to live...In one way, the outrage we feel here in India, as a woman and as an Indian, has awoken similar sentiments across the globe, and that is a blessing. Yes, the accused need to be brought to justice, and the safety of women in not only Delhi, but across India as well, should be paramount.

4 months passed away and the same story is repeated once again….a five-year-old was abducted and brutally raped in the capital. I am ashamed of the city and the mentality of these sick persons. The news of the rape of a five-year-old girl, who is now battling for life, has left Bollywood megastar Amitabh Bachchan numb. He says people who indulge in such heinous crimes should be exposed in public for proper justice. Shame !!! utter shame on the entire government and the criminal justice system .... There is simply no fear in a criminals mind when he commits a crime ... believe me fear of the LAW IS the BIGGEST DETERRENT ... there is no fear and the law which "takes its own course" takes up so long that most of the pursuant just give up in frustration of failing to get justice.

Questions to be asked?

Why the shameless home-minister and police- commissioner are still there?

Why have they not quit and why are they not being sacked by the Government?

Although they will be replaced by the same kind of the people but yet there is an outside chance that things would be a bit different!

 Time to stand united and pray for the Baby…..

By Ankit Kumar


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