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locked my house,
hoping to secure my kin
peace i found,
lay in distributing the key

crawled every book,
hoping to capture the knowledge
wisdom i found,
evaded the syllabus of university

conflicted with peers,
hoping to establish notion of liberty
independence i found,
emanated from the ability to agree

accumulated wealth,
hoping to help the unprivileged
charity i found,
invariably comes without a fee

worshiped perfection,
hoping to build a legacy
change i found,
never did care for pedigree

roamed across the world,
hoping to understand life
only meaning i found,
was more about me

swam up the current,
hoping to catch the wave
the river i found,
was running into the sea

climbed higher and higher,
hoping to pluck the best fruit
the solace i found,
was resting under the tree

Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom.
                                        - Aristotle


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  1. My personl favourite line in the poem
    "worshiped perfection,
    hoping to build a legacy"

  2. Kusum says:

    Profound meaning! Loved it.

  3. Looking for originality, your poetry I found..

  4. Uppal says:

    life's simple lessons are within us. great poem!

  5. The contrast of running after things and actually getting them. Often we find that our race leads nowhere and we are back to the basics. A beautiful poem of showing how the process of life is. Loved the verse where you talked about knowing yourself. And many congratulations on the book.

  6. Sri Valli says:

    Very inspiring!! Lovely lessons of life!

  7. Nimi says:

    Hi Deepak. I loved this poem & I am sure I will return to read this one. My favourite is
    swam up the current,
    hoping to catch the wave
    the river i found,
    was running into the sea


  8. Very nice lines Deepak, clearly reflects the present day life of a youth and his attempts to achieve something by struggling with the situations. The theme of this poem is excellent

  9. omg..! that was superb.

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