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take me to a place
 no man’s land
it disgust me everyday here
when will this stop

done asking for justice
every two minutes
one of me is a victim
of your mental sickness

treat me as human
i am not for amusement
where am i safe?
home or public place
alone or walking hand in hand

your eyes will trace me
no matter wherever i go
no matter what age i am
i cannot read your mind
how sick it can go!

they say you are strong
and i am weak
that you are to protect
fallacy i accept
then why don't i feel safe around?

the most unacceptable
shameful humiliating act
and yet you walk with presumption
they tell me to hide, cry, whine
to pretend everything is fine!

here i die in pain
all in vain
but you feel no shame

had they taught you well
what being 'real man' is
i would have lived more
smiled, danced, rejoiced
walked valiant, stood high
a world i can only imagine

my heart cries
as you mock, stare, snide
i don’t care what they say now
and i will fight
for my life, and battered pride!

A Poem by Sudha Kripal


8 Responses so far.

  1. the pain of woman evoked by an evil our society is struggling to shrug off is very well articulated in this moving verse.. Very well written

  2. It's a moving poem. Pain, anger, truth and the helpless is portrayed so well. Wish things can turn better. Btw, is the poet related to you Deepak?

  3. Poet is my younger sister, Saru.

  4. You are one talented family, I must say.

  5. I wouldn't mind agreeing, if you say so ;)

  6. I am completely touched with this poem. They is actually s much pain and a hard core truth in each and every word. Thank u so sharing such a strong message.

  7. Thnx Shreya m glad u liked it :-)

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