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The One Who Is The Author Of My Story,
Recited Me That Life Is Not All About Glory.

Its An Unmannered Poem That Doesn't Make Me Sway,
A Recklessly Written Play Having Shades Of Grey.

Baffles My Brain And Keeps Me On My Toe,
Also Proves To Be My Faithfully Ruthless Foe.

An Unwanted Share Of A Flagrant Affair,
Truly You Told Me That "Life Is Unfair".

What If I Don't Know Which Way To Go,
May Be Its My Chance To Emulate And grow.

My Enduring Heart Want To Combat The Fight,
I May Not Win But I'll Make It Tight.

I Will Pilfer The Words From The Destiny's Door,
And Will Sing My Song Better Than Ever Before.

I Have A Power That No One Else Knows,
Love In My Heart And Blood That Vehemently Flows.

Inspiring My Thoughts Is An Enchantress Of Heaven,
Oh! I Can Climb The Skies One, Two, Three Or Seven.

Showing Me Light The Inimitable Fire Of  Her Eyes,
Ending Those Gloomy Nights And Nagging Chaotic Cries.

Come On Dear Lets Be Together And Dare,
Life Is Unfair, Lets make It Fair....

                                       English Poetry


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  1. "A Recklessly Written Play Having Shades Of Grey." --great line!

  2. Panchali says:

    Beautiful verses, Deepak. My first time here and am absolutely mesmerized...
    You have added a new follower...:D

  3. I am really glad on having a follower as brilliant as you.. I have read many of your poems. They are absolutely brilliant. Thank you Panchali Ma'm.

  4. It really seems professional. I was always in a hunt for the professionals around. Thanks I found one today. I shall soon be going through your works

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