'google658fd05d77029796.html' Pulse of Life... | The Original Poetry

The Pulse Of The Radical Artery Only Signifies That The Core Of The System Is Generating Enough Thrust In Your Stream, But Sometimes It Is The Vibrations Of The Vocal Cord Or The Blink Of The Eyes That Reveals The Most Secret Ways To The Heart. Sometimes Pause Between The Words Is More Important Than The Words Itself. Sometimes One Who is Ignoring You Care For You The Most. Sometimes One Who Doesn't Say A Word Has Most Things To Say...

Life Is Strange, So Is Love And Its Ways ..

Identify The Ones Who Love You,

They May Take The Form Of Your Father, Mother, Brother, Sister, Friend, Girl Friend, Partner Or Any One For That Matter ..

But When You Get Them,
Never Let Them Go,

For They Make Your Life Worth Living.

Where there is love, there is life.

                  - Mahatma Gandhi



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