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Sense is a matter of sensibilities. Just because we can't make sense of something does not imply that it is non sense. Perception, by virtue of its very nature, is subjective. It is said that there is nothing good or bad, there are only perspectives. When we learn to accommodate other's perspective, we give ourselves a chance to live in a more beautiful, humane and egalitarian world. Sometimes what is apparent to us denies us the opportunity to see what was presented to us. Often our thoughts, behaviors and actions are guided by stereotypes, prejudices and surface view of appearances. We are too keen to make judgement even in the light of insufficient evidence. Our cognitive facilities (rather limitations) constantly fall prey to every single opportunity to get away without cognitive processing and meaningful interpretation of information and in the process our precious and vital ability of being able to reason and analyse is sacrificed. But it is not just because we preserve our   cognitive resources that we fall prey to the plot, sometimes it is also because we have a biased interest in it. By attributing the person's behavior to his personal dispositions and internal characteristics (which may be due to unfavourable environment or situational factors), we protect ourselves from potentially unfavourable environment. Because if we attribute the negative behavior to the environment, we also become prone to the negative influence of the environment. So the whole exercise become a self preserving  one where by blaming the victim we protect our self from potentially hurtful environment. More often than not, the scars of this victim blaming and irrational attributions on the psyche of the victim is permanent and irrepairable. Victim blaming is not the only way to preserve our self, it is the easiest one. We can preserve our self by increasing our self efficacy about handling the negative influence of the environment. This can be done by showing ourselves the positive factors in the environment and by reposing faith in one's ability to handle stressful environmental events. 
                Optimism is one trait that can see us through the hardest of terrains and harshest of environments. As Jimmy Dean has said 'I can't change the direction of the wind, but I can adjust my sails to always reach my destination.'
      We should make a conscious effort to analyse and interpret various human situations that we encounter in our daily lives. We should never look for an easy way out that cause us to fall into the trap of making irrational attributions. Victim blaming is not the only route to preserve ourselves from the vagaries of uncertain situations and hurtful environment. While it is quite easy to label other person's perspective and notion as wrong, it takes us into a world of reality that is made out of imaginations and fantasy and may not be real. Our cognitive laziness and biased interests constantly challenge our rational side and human spirit. 
           Being able to reason, feel and think rationally is what makes us human. When we fail to do so, somewhere down the line, we defeat the very purpose of our existence....



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