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I Miss You Dear In This Desolate Night,
And Yearning To See Your Resplendent Sight..

I Wish You Were There Just For A While,
And Embellished My Heart With Your Poignant Smile..

My Hopes Are Dreaming For A Blissful Sunrise,
It's The Fragrance Of Your Love That Keeps Me Alive..

To Discern Your Face I Close My Eyes,
And I See A Mab Attired In White..

A Numinous Beauty Wallowed With Verve,
Your Alluring Smile Is Synonymous With Love..

My Lifetime Love You  Are My Priceless Pelf,
Kiss My Dreams To Make Me Myself..

Your Love For Me Is The Grace Of The God,
Enfetter My Heart And Keep Me In Your Quod..

You Are Not With Me But I Have A Way,
To Feel Your Warmth And To Take You Away..

I See The Moon And The Stars In The Night,
As Your Beautiful Face Is The Source of Their Light..

Reason To Love You Are Quiet A Few,
But No Reason Is Larger Than My Love For You..

The Ambit Of Your Love Is Beyond This Universe,
Innocent As A Child, Beautiful Like A Verse..

You Are My Morning And I'm Your Dew,
I'm Just A Body, My Soul Is You..

My Love My Dear Is Honest And True,
Have I Ever Told You How Much I Love You...



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  1. R V L M says:

    Yearning for life is a very nice poem I have read . keep up your progress kripal...Bye..!


  2. beautiful verses! full of promise!!

  3. roopz says:

    " You Are My Morning And I'm Your Dew,
    I'm Just A Body, My Soul Is You.. " Awesome words

    Village Girl

  4. shubham says:

    love....something that everyone will understand except the one you want to

  5. Gayathri says:

    the yearning so beautifully portrayed here! :)

  6. TTT says:

    beautiful ! then true love is always beautiful !

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