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     Self esteem is sense of personal worth and ability that is fundamental to individual's identity. It includes appraisal of one's own appearance, beliefs, emotions and behaviors. It is vital for normal and healthy development of the individual. Self esteem is crucial for overall adjustment of an individual in his environment and also for a successful and peaceful life. Though it is considered as a part of personality and is relatively stable and enduring, it can be increased by following some guidelines as given below.

1. Avoid negative people - Stay away from negative people for they can influence your personality with their negative thoughts and pessimism.

2. Be yourself - Just be yourself and don't try to act like someone else. Also do not compare yourself with others because there are certain things only you can do. You can get the best out of yourself only when you are yourself. 

3. Identify negative thoughts - Identify the negative thoughts which pop up in your mind and lower your self belief. You have to actively monitor your thoughts to identify the negative thoughts. When you find them, jot them down in your notebook.

4. Change negative thoughts into positive thoughts - As you have identified your negative thoughts, now you have to change them into positive thoughts. You can do this by positive self talk. Affirm and reaffirm your positive thoughts until they become part of your personality. Cancel the negative thoughts from the notebook that you have erased from your personality.

5. Identify triggers to low self esteem - Identify the situations that stimulates negative thoughts and self doubt. Do not avoid such situations but face them. If you avoid such situations, it reinforces your fear and negative thought pattern. Once you face the situation, you will realize that your fears were irrational and out of place and you will feel more confident.

6. Appreciate yourself - Learn to appreciate yourself because you are special.

7. Treat yourself for achievement - Pat yourself for little little achievements and give yourself well deserved treat for your accomplishments.

8. Be sober and simple - Be sober, simple and natural because simplicity is a virtue of  learned and mature individuals. Simplicity reflect that you are at peace and sure about yourself. 

9. Stay fit and healthy - Do regular exercises and stay fit and healthy. A healthy body leads to a healthy mind. Fit and healthy body will boost your confidence and it will reflect in your thoughts and behaviour.

10. Compliment other people - Compliment other people for their achievements and they will like you . They will also see you as a genuine person who is not preoccupied with himself/herself.



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