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Lying on my bed..staring at the ceiling…quite often my thoughts wander way off… I think of all the things done and said..what if…had i…if only !!

 The more I rewind , the more pain it brings. I change sides, try to shut off my thoughts, close my eyes and try to sleep..the more I try ,  harder is the push from the ‘other side’. 

I struggle all night and it depresses me to the core. Morning is no bright and sunny…the gloom of the night overshadows it. I’m dull, feeling low..moreover I proclaim MY DAY’S SPOILT!!

I regret the ‘overthinking’ done..and so I think again..this time trying to keep a check on the gloom, trying to look at the brighter side. Seriously!! Had it not been for all those wrong choices I made..i would have never realized what ‘being right’ is like. For something is ‘good’ only cause there’s something ‘bad’ to compare with.

Wonder  what would  a ‘high’ be without a ‘low’. I value relationships cause I’ve learnt the value of people through all  good and bad times. Of every instance I’ve been refused help..i’ve learnt to do things myself.

All the struggles I’ve faced, all the hardships, life’s blows..i’ve somehow managed to get through..maybe shaken for a while, but survived!! ‘Survival’ is what matters…isn’t it?

It’s absolutely impossible to forget the past..especially a miserable one, but holding onto it is of no good..it’s deadlier..it keeps pervading the thoughts, fills one with guilt, disgust, skepticism!! It is wiser to move on..push it back to where it belongs…the bygones!!

I’ve realised..sometimes when efforts fail..promises falter..hopes shatter..it’s just comforting to watch the sun go down cause you know it’s going to rise again tomorrow . If life’s is a forked way and you’re still not certain on the choices made…sometimes it’s just good enough to move with the flow and let be.. Sometimes it’s ok to believe that things happen for a reason..i am reminded of a song here..it goes

I believe that somewhere in the darkest night , a candle glows..
I believe that somewhere if I go astray, someone will come to show the way!!
I believe..

Believe me  …it’s good to be a believer…trust me..it’s worth that!!

                 - By Shikhakrati Negi (Guest Writer)

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