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           Suppose you are alone in your house in the middle of the night and suddenly a strong gust of wind  forces open your window. The dreadful sound of wind might capture your imagination and even might utter some scary words in your ear. You might even see that a dark wicked looking shadow passed across your window. This is a perfect recipe for your worst nightmare.
          Well, I have no intention to scare you!! Ghosts are one of most speculated, fancied, debated and controversial topics around the world. Some people believe that they are real, other believe they are not but everyone is interested in ghosts. Scientists around the world also have played with this idea and various theories have been proposed to explain the paranormal activity supplemented by lot of scientific research. Let us discuss some of the theories of ghost haunting.
           Some researchers believe that changes in geomagnetic fields stimulate brain's temporal lobes, and transcerebral magnetic fields elicit subjective experiences that mirror the phenomena associated with hauntings. Magnetic waves consistently flow through our atmosphere. They are both natural (heating by the sun, tidal forces from the sun and moon, the impact of photons from outer space, localized weather conditions such as lightning) and man-made sources. Michael Persinger subjected people's brains to complex magnetic field patterns. Varying magnetic fields disrupted brain's own electricity. Most participants reported that a presence has entered the room. Some interpreted it as a visit from an angel, some others as a dead relative and few participants also reported presence of an alien during the course of the experiment. Persinger believes that magnetic disruption of mind is responsible for most paranormal activities including ghosts. However all of this work is controversial and has been subjected to huge debate. Believers of ghosts propose that it is due to the presence of ghost that magnet field fluctuates. This debate between believers and skeptics is not likely to end any soon in future.
     Another theory suggest that infrasound may be responsible for experiences of paranormal activities. Infrasound is extremely low frequency sound waves between 1-20 Hz. It is so low, that humans cannot hear it. But we can feel it. Infrasound has a low enough frequency that you don't consciously hear it, but your ears still sense it. Process of receiving the sensory input without our mind knowing where it is coming from can cause mayhem and catastrophe to your emotions. Researchers suggest that specifically, sounds between 7-19 Hz can induce fear or panic. People who are hypersensitive to these low frequencies are more prone to experiencing paranormal activity. Researchers also believe that it also affect vision by causing vibration of the eye ball (Approx 19 Hz is the frequency around which eyeballs starts resonating). These vibration can cause people to see ghosts. Infrasounds can be produced by a variety of phenomena like storms, strong winds, weather patterns, volcanoes, earthquakes, strong oceanic waves, ventilator of air conditioner, roar of a tiger, etc. Animals like elephant use infrasound to communicate over long distances. An experiment was done in which low frequency sound waves were sneaked at a live concert. At the end of experiment, 22% people reported feelings of unexplainable dreads chills and depression. However other scientists call the theory questionable. They say that volunteers in their experiments report weariness, high pressure in eyes and ears but never mention ghosts or hallucinations. 
          Some other researchers give psychological explanation to experiences of paranormal activity or ghost haunting. Witness may have prior knowledge about the places that are haunted resulting in mild psychosomatic and hallucinatory phenomena. Only the idea of being alone can produce a heightened sense of expectation even before you introduce any other factors. More often than not, we see what we are expected to see influenced by our emotional and psychological state at that time. If we are in heightened emotional state, we can be readily jump to irrational and unsubstantiated conclusions.
              We can see that there are a lot of scientific theories and beliefs around the existence of ghosts and paranormal activity. May be some of them are true, may be combination of all these factors is responsible. It cannot be ruled out that none of the explanation is true. As of now, scientists are not unanimous about what causes us to see ghosts. Meanwhile, it is your choice which theory you want to believe in. As our scientific community further explores the question of paranormal activity, you never know you might end up meeting a real ghost in your real life! I wish you good luck!




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  1. i think third theory, the psychological theory is correct..

  2. Rajnish says:

    nice post..but what about capturing them in cameras and video recordings?

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