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                One factor that traverses across boundaries of age,sex religion, race, class, ethnicity, etc and found in each member of our species is the wish or goal to lead a happy life or simply said, to be happy. All of us want to be happy( don't we?). But happiness seems to be more elusive than ever in this modern age of speed and technology. We seem to catch a fiber of happiness before it slip out of our grasp. We work day and night to achieve a goal that we think will make us happy but when we finally reach there we wonder whether this is what we were looking for. Question that arises is how to be happy. Well, that is a million dollar question.
           First of all we have to be aware and conscious about what constitutes happiness. The basic problem is we are not aware and we are not conscious. Happiness has no address, it lies within. Happiness is not a goal or destination, it is a way of life. Happiness is not a higher order mental phenomena, it is a natural and basic process of thinking. Happiness is not in  that one big moment, it is in  living those small moments. Happiness is all about pleasure, engagement and meaning. Happiness is not complicated, it is simple. Happiness is a value neutral concept and it does not favour the rich or poor. One can be more happy walking across his garden than taking a world tour in his ultra modern jet. We need to realise that enduring happiness doesn't come from success. Money power and fame does not guarantee happiness. Psychologist often have very wealthy and powerful people as clients. Bhutan lies well above many rich, prosperous and developed countries in happiness index. It is not to say that we should not strive for success. We just need to realize that success is part of the story and not the whole book.                       

              You need to take control of the time by managing it properly. Set goals and break those goals into steps so that you can see progress on a daily basis. The goal that you set should be SMART(Specific, Measurable, Action oriented, Realistic and Time based) so that it remains motivating and engaging. If there is no goal, there is no way!
        Engage in activity that intrinsically motivates you (means you get pleasure and satisfaction by engaging in those activities), be it work or leisure activity. Those activities that we engage in for external rewards and benefits do not result in enduring happiness. Do what you want to do! 
       Next thing that you need to do is smile, for it is the everlasting reservoir of youth and happiness. When you smile it releases  chemicals that make you feel better. Smile for no reason for it a good enough reason in itself. Think happy, act happy and you will be happier! 
       Take time to sleep, take time to laugh and take time to talk. All these activities recharge one or the other facility of your mind, release pent up negative impulses and feelings and energize you to take on activities with sense of optimism, hope and vigour. Engage in yoga, meditation or aerobic exercises. These activities not only improve your physical health and make you look better but they also relieve anxiety and depression. Playing sports is also a way of releasing our negative impulses that leads to a relaxed and serene mind.  
       A lonely person can never be happy no matter how much wealth and power he possesses. Engage yourself in nurturing relationships and friendship. They will not only help you tide over difficult phases but they will make your happy moments truly happy and memorable.  Also, it is important to focus beyond your self. When you work for the welfare of other people it gives you deep inner satisfaction and joy, increases your self esteem, boost your sense of well being and gives meaning to your life. People with strong sense of faith also tend to be happier. It gives them sense of purpose and hope. Engage in activities that nurture your spiritual self and you can find inner peace, serenity, meaning and hope.
               However complicated it might seem to you but once you realize  what constitutes happiness and what you need to do to be happy, it becomes  easier and it is not rocket science by any means. It is when you stop looking outwards and get a peep inside your self that you will realize that huge reservoir of happiness lies inside you waiting to be harnessed.  There is no reason why you should not harness it. Wish you all a truly happy life..


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