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          Getting older is a phenomenon and not just one year added to your age and it demands celebration, hence we celebrate our birthdays. Everyone should celebrate,in his or her own ways but it should be acknowledged not for making us a year older rather for the valuable experience that we learnt in that one year which at times could be a lesson learnt for life. This school of life enhances our life with great experiences may be good or bad but they are worth to be learnt from with a virtual report card of our yearly performance. We should never stop learning and improving as change is the rule of nature and if we go against it then it has its own ways to warn us. Being vigilant to its warning is important else we might end up stagnant.
         After a while we do learn that there is a subtle difference between holding a hand and chaining a soul If you want to help your dear ones, just walk by and give your suggestions but don't compel them  as the people who are so close to us are not prisoners of our demands and choices. They are bonded with us through love and after a while we learn that love doesn't mean leaning.Its our strength and company and doesn't always meant for security.
       As we mature we should start accepting our defeats and mistakes with head held high and eyes open, with grace of an adult and not grief of a child. We should be bold enough to stand up and say however i screwed up but at least i tried,so that when i am sixty i wont be regretting that i should have.
       Life teaches us with increasing years that waiting for tomorrow is a never ending story as its road is very uncertain to plan and never ending so you should build your own road today itself which is in your hand.
We also get to learn that sunshine is bright and encouraging. It ignites a spirit in us, its synonym with positivity within us. But life also teaches us that too much of sunshine often leads to sunburn so be calm, composed, enthusiastic and not over enthusiastic in whatever endeavour you do. Do not let yourself get carried away with success and also make sure not to be confined in nutshell with failures.
         With what all life has taught us it can concluded that we are solely responsible for our happiness and sorrows. Life turns out to be what we want it to be. So instead of waiting for someone to bring us flowers and make and decorate our life,we should plant our own garden and decorate our own souls, and last but not the least it teaches us that we really can endure, that we really are strong,we really have worth. We just have to take a step and we can find a real person in us who is worthful, strong, selfless and enduring.
            Just change the mindset and life changes automatically: as there is a  saying "Two men look out of a window,one sees the stars and others the bars'' Stars or bars, the choice is ours: so make the right choice and enrich the gift of life with getting old.

                   - By Anu Sharma (Guest Writer)

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