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                         Imagine you are on your way to board your flight to some place. Suddenly your mind starts playing a video to you. It shows that the taxi that you have taken on your way to airport will collide head on with a truck on the next crossing. The thought itself is dreadful and overwhelming. This reminds you of hollywood movies like final destination, minority report, etc that deals with  a phenomenon of what we call as premonition.
  Premonition or precognition is an anticipation of a future event or a warning in advance without a conscious reason. They warn us of something unpleasant. They might have an evolutionary significance for they help us to avoid danger. Scientific community is divided on whether premonition is a genuine phenomena or not. But a  section of scientific community believes that it is a genuine phenomenon. They believe that just because we do not know how it happen does not mean that it does not exist. There has been a large number of instances, theories and studies that point towards premonition being a genuine phenomena. We will discuss some of these instances, theories and studies one by one.
9/11 Crash

        Before 9/11 there were many who escaped the catastrophe because they changed their plans at the last moment due to vague feeling of unease that something was not right. 
  For example there was a lady who was to board one of the planes that crashed into twin towers but had an incapacitating stomach pain just before the flight. As she made way to lavatory she discovered that pain subsided spontaneously. She missed the flight and survived. In fact the planes that crashed into twin towers were unusually empty and were carrying only half the usual number of passengers. 
    Scientist Ed Cox  after his analysis found that trains     
Air France Concorde Crash
that were destined to crash carried far fewer people than usual. Crew and flight engineers of Air France Concorde that crashed in 2000 had a sense of accident before the flight.   
Asian Tsunami
  Before Asian Tsunami many aboriginal  tribesmen had a sense of impending danger and they went to higher grounds which saved their life. 

It was found that 24 people had premonitions about the Aberfan disaster in 1966 in which a coal tip collapsed through a school and killed 144 people including 116 children. One incident involved a girl who reported to  
Aberfan Disaster, 1966
  her mother before she was taken to school that she had a dream that there was no school there and something black had come all over it. She was killed in the tragedy. 
 All these instances point to the direction that premonition is a genuine phenomena and some people have more power to anticipate or feel future events than others. These anticipations are not very clear and vivid like in movies but they are emotionally powerful enough to make us act upon them. They are in the form of feelings rather than specific visions.
  Dr Dean Radin worked in Stargate programme which was a US military funded programme on premonitions. Dr Radin was captivated by the ability of the soldiers to forecast the danger. He devised an experiment in which subjects were shown sexually explicit, violent or soothing images randomly. With the help of a modified lie detector, he discovered that people began reacting to pictures a few seconds before they actually saw them. Dr Bierman repeated the experiments using MRI technique and results suggested that people are capable of sensing the future on a fairly consistent basis. He stated that if people can dip into memories of past, there is no reason why they could not sense the future.

  Some scientists believe that time, instead of being in straight line (from this moment to next) may have happened at once and we are just at certain point within that time. 

 Tachyon theory proposed by some scientists propose that tachyons (particles that travel faster than light) can travel backwards in time and contact observers brain to cause the phenomena of premonition. However this theory has been criticised as tachyons are hypothetical constructs and not known to exist.

 Resonance theories suggest that future events already exist in time and premonition is nothing but retrieval of memories from the future brain. It suggests that premonition occur when neuronal spatio-temporal pattern activated in the future resonates with similar pattern activated at present.

 Psi-mediated instrumental response (PMIR) theory suggest that humans automatically and unconsciously scan their environment for motivationally relevant information including information that will occur in future. 

  A recent theory suggests that ACC (anterior cingulate cortex) located near top of frontal lobe in brain may function as early warning system that work at subconscious level and warn us of dangerous situations. Previous studies indicated activity in this region when people had to make a difficult decisions or after they have made a mistake. However recent studies has shown that this region can recognize when you might make the mistake even before you take the decision. It acts as an early warning system.

  We can see that a lot of theories has been proposed and a lot of research has been done to explain the phenomena of premonition. However, we can not be sure whether this is genuine phenomenon and what causes it to happen until ongoing and future research establishes the scientific basis of premonition. It is up to you whether you want to believe in it or not, but it will be hard to defy that such feeling never happened to you!





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  1. Superb..even sometime u feel that that present events are repeating and u have gone through these events..

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