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        Ever since the man started walking on the face of earth, he has been equally and ably supported by his better half known as woman and both of them have worked together to shape their destiny. It is not very clear exactly when the dichotomy between man and woman originated but perhaps it is as old as the civilisation, more or less. But are they really different or the difference is merely a reflection of the stereotyped  thinking that has been encoded deep into our memory stores through the process of what we call as socialisation? Let us try to evaluate the truth behind this big gulf between the two sexes.
              Our society (rather world) stereotype man as strong, aggressive, logical, insensitive, unemotional, impatient, non nurturing and mechanically talented while a woman is stereotyped as illogical, emotional, sensitive, patient and naturally nurturing. We can see that stereotypes for both man and woman have some positive and some negative characteristics. A boy who is high on characteristics of emotion and nurturant qualities becomes a subject of mockery among his friends. Similarly a girl  who is low on emotions and nurturing qualities has to face the wrath of negative comments from her colleagues. 
               Early psychological research suggested that females score high on verbal skills while males score higher on mathematical and spatial skills. Studies also found that  men listen with their left hemisphere while women with both hemispheres which suggest that in addition to content of the statement women also pay attention to the tone and emotion. However later researches have found that these differences in cognitive abilities of the two sexes have become less and less obvious as the society has begun to treat two genders as equal. This suggests that social and psychological processes are more responsible for the differences between cognitive and emotional pattern and abilities of the two sexes.
                It has been found that male and female identity begin to develop as early as one year of age owing to the way our society socialize our children. As a child grows, he/she is told to behave according to what is considered appropriate for his/hers sex. The influence that culture can have on our personality was revealed in a landmark study by Margaret Mead in which it was found that there is no identity crisis during adolescence in Samoa tribe due to their liberal sex attitude. Earlier it was believed that identity crisis during adolescence is a normal psychological and biological phenomenon. This underlines the importance or influence that culture and socialisation can have on personality and behavioral pattern.
                 Therefore we can say that though there are some obvious physical and biological differences between man and woman including in the structure and size of the brain, most of the psychological and behavioral characteristics that are stereotyped to be masculine and feminine owe their existence to the way respective societies raise and socialize their children. Even positive stereotyping can lead to benevolent sexism because it results into prejudice that is socially acceptable. Such prejudices though flattering for the sex  about whom they are held, can be harmful for the other sex.
         No society can boast to have a developed culture and society if it discriminates between its two halves. We should make a conscious effort to socialize our children in a way so that they develop an androgynous personality, that is, a personality having positive features of both so called male and female characteristics. It is time we realize that ultimately it is not about the ''War of the Sexes'' rather it is about the ''Pyar (love) of the Sexes''.


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    Read men are from mars and women from venus :)
    We are both unique in our own ways..

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