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Negative of image on Shroud of Turin

    The Shroud of Turin is a linen cloth bearing image of a man who appears to have died of crucifixion. It is currently kept in Cathedral of Saint John the Baptist in Turin, Italy. It is one of the greatest mysteries in the world that has intrigued believers and non believers alike for centuries. It is regarded by many as the burial cloth of Jesus in which he was wrapped and they believe that the faint image on the cloth is of Christ himself while others consider it to be the most elaborate hoax in history!
     Radiocarbon dating was done on small part of the cloth in 1988 that dated it to middle ages (from 1260 AD TO 1390 AD) and pronounced it as a Medieval age    forgery but apologists believe that radiocarbon dating can date things that decay while they believe the shroud to be incorrupt. A detailed examination by American scientists in 1978 found no evidence of forgery. 

 Vatican has shied away from any definitive statements about whether the shroud is Christ's burial cloth or not. In 1999, two Israeli scientists investigated the cloth and suggested that pollen grains found on the shroud suggest that the shroud is from holy land. 

    No one has been able to explain how the image was imprinted on the cloth and despite many attempts no one has been able to replicate the image. Recently, Italian scientists attempted to replicate the image on linen cloth using the modern technology. Though they managed to create a similar image but it was way short of characteristics of the real shroud. They suggested that if the most modern technology available today is not able replicate the image, it is highly unlikely to be forged using the technology of the Middle Ages. Many consider is as an evidence that a supernatural event  like huge burst of energy accompanying Resurrection of Christ might have formed the image on the Turin shroud. 

Recently a new theory by Art historian Wesselow claimed to destroy the core belief of Christianity about the Resurrection of the Christ. According to him, image on cloth is of Christ and Resurrection is an optical illusion. He claimed that image on cloth has fooled apostles into believing that Christ rose from dead . 
  Shroud of Turin has puzzled the scholars, scientists and believers through ages and it continues to be one of the most controversial artifacts in history of mankind.


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