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              It is said that 'knowledge is power'. Acquiring knowledge involves learning and every learning process involves use of our memory process. Memory processes are used to store the desired information into our long term stores so that we can retrieve it whenever required. Given that the world is full of information and knowledge, it is a challenge to retain and retrieve a world of information received by our senses. There are some techniques that we can use to optimize our memory resource and improve our memory. Let us discuss them one by one.
    Organisation is a technique that involves hierarchical organisation of new information and developing  links between various parts of the concept. When the acquired concept is hierarchically arranged from general to specific and we understand the links or relation between various parts of the concept we are more likely to retain and recall the concept. Organisation process takes time and require insightful thinking about the concept.
          Imagery is a technique in which we visualize the concept to be learned. Information that is learned in both verbal and visual form has higher likelihood of being retained. That is why those lectures are considered best that also use visual presentations (like PPT presentation) along with verbal lectures.
           Mnemonics refers to any technique that can be used to aid memory. In Acronym, we use the first letter of the word to recall as a cue to recall. For example, OOOPTAFAGVAH is used as a cue to recall the twelve cranial nerves. In Acrostic, we use first letter of a phrase to recall the information. For example, My Very Excellent Mother Just Show Us Nine Planets is used to remember nine planets (now eight). In method of Loci, we visualize to be remembered information with familiar landmarks (relate items to images). In method of Pegwords, we associate new words to a list of words we already know( relate items to items). In method of Keywords, we associate sound of a new word with a word we already know to understand and remember the meaning of the new word.
         PQRST is a technique developed by Thomas and Robinson. Information is more easily retrieved when we read a book in five sequential stages given as P- preview, Q- questions, R- read, S- self recitation, T- test.
     Overlearning is the best method to avoid forgetting. It is the learning that is done after one or two perfect recalls. It underlines the importance of revision. The information that is stored in memory forms a memory trace and when we revise the information, more neuroelectricity passes through it and the memory trace become strong.
       We should sleep immediately after study because the information stored in the long term memory consolidates during sleep. If we engage in other activities after study, it hampers the consolidation process.
    Spaced learning (learning with intermittent intervals) is considered superior to Mass learning ( whole learning in one session).
      Using these techniques according to your learning style and subject of study, you can optimize your learning process and make your learning process more effective and more resistant to forgetting.



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