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the fateful night arrived
we were destined to part our ways
 never thought it would ever happen
but my thoughts were too shallow and naive
i waited for one last time
she was a picture of sorrow as she came along
few moments of silence is what followed
 wonder why they were uncharacteristically loud
i mustered all the courage i could
as i failed to produce a word
her eyes had little space to hold her grief
 there she came falling down
little could i do to assuage her fears
i had my own demons terrorizing my soul
she trembled her way through a sentence
my senses failed to pick what it said
for my sanity had left me moments before
but modulations of her voice were lonely and grave
sulkiness ensued and took over us
but we managed something 
an incomprehensible hug
wish that moment had captured my life
it threatened to perish too soon anyway
tears failed her as she tried to smile one last time
the dreaded moment had to come
she turned around as if she would never return
i waited and waited as she disappeared 
emptiness of the moment
 longed to engulf my existence
i hardly knew how to disburse a lifetime of pain into few seconds
but i gathered my thoughts to reflect 
what just happened
she sowed a seed in my heart
through her failing smile 
and ailing hug
i want to wait for her forever
for she gave me something
i think it is hope
Yes. I Hope!

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  1. hope is a dangerous thing...

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