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Recently I took some time to talk to my heart. It turned out to be quite an interesting conversation. Here are some excerpts from candid chat with my heart that I thoroughly enjoyed.

Me: Hi dear, how you doing?

Heart: Hey buddy. I am doing what I have been doing since you turned to life. You talking to me is a proof that I am doing just fine. I am glad you took time for me out of your busy schedule.

Me: Why won't I? You are my sweetheart after all!

Heart: Call me that if you are happy to run the risk of living with diabetes. Last thing you want is your heart high on sugar. Sugar is not good for me you see.  And don't try to act so generous. We are talking for the first time as far as my memory goes.

Me: You have memory also? Never heard anything like that before.

Heart: I supply memory stores of your brain my dear. I have access to every cell of your body. Your scientists are yet to figure out where and how your memory stores are. How are you supposed to know about mine? No wonder you know nothing. Things are not as simple as they are on facebook, they are much more complicated. They say keep it simple. But it takes a lifetime of learning to do so.

Me: Okay! Tell me where are those memory stores you were talking about? I can become famous overnight with that piece of information.

Heart: Sorry mate, can't do that. That's against the rules. But let me tell you something certainly more important than that. It is not success per se but what you go through to achieve it that determines its worth. You get it easy, you take it easy. You take it easy, you lose the battle before the fight.

Me: Whoa! There is a philosopher out there. Where did you get that from? I never thought anything like that. You are supposed to know what is inside me.

Heart: You have all the knowledge within you. You are yet to discover it. Believe me, you will find it in due course of time provided you make an effort for the same.

Me: You gotta be kidding me.

Heart: You must have watched a lot of movies. One dialogue feature almost in all of them. That is one good reason why you should start believing in me a bit more.

Me: And what is that?

Heart: Listen to your heart!

Me: You got a good sense of humour I  see. Anyways tell me, are you single or  you have any girl friend?

Heart: Of course I have one.

Me: Wow, that's amazing. How is it going? Does she love you?

Heart: She has been with me all the time right from the beginning. She used to listen to me a lot when we were kids. As we grew older, she got busy in her things though she stayed with me. I hated it when she started smoking but thankfully she quit the deadly smoke. My neighbours, the Lungs brothers were particularly irritated by her bad habit but they are okay now. Of course she loves me. I know she will die the day I die. 

Me: Lucky dude. Who's the charming lady?

Heart: You.

Me: That is not funny! I am not a she, nor am I your girl friend.

Heart: I am gender neutral you know. I don't discriminate or make a biased opinion based on gender. You are all I have and I am your only heart. So I guess, we are supposed to be friends. Call it girl or boy, doesn't bother me.

Me: I got your point. Anyway, do you know you are so famous? People just love you because you make them fall in love. They even trade you with each other. Its amazing what you do to them.

Heart: Oh, not again. For God sake, stop blaming me for falling in love. All I do is pump your blood 24 X 7 to all parts of your body, including brain. That is enough to keep me busy for the lifetime. Add to that the vodka that I have to flush out along with your blood on saturdays and I have my job cut out. Where do I have the time to do anything else? Your mind plays countless tricks to you. I guess one of them is love. I have been dragged into this by the brain, its a conspiracy! I am innocent on that matter. Let me give you an example for evidence. You very easily say to your girlfriend - My heart skips a beat when I see you. If I keep skipping beats with the frequency you see your girlfriend, I am afraid you won't get a chance to tell her about that! And tell you what, one line I hate the most is - My heart is broken. Why don't you guys show some heart? All you do is blame me and keep crying. Grow up man!

Me: You opened my eyes today. I suppose I have a lot to learn from you my dear friend. However bizarre it might sound to you, but you won my heart today!

 I promise I will take care of you with a healthy lifestyle, make efforts to gain knowledge within me, show heart in difficult circumstances, and will certainly not blame you for falling in love!

I promise, I will listen to my heart!


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  1. very interesting and unique....lvd the conversation!!!!!!!!

  2. WOW.... I thoroughly enjoyed it and it was fun reading it....!!

  3. thanx anu and kislaya.. i am glad you guys like it.

  4. intersting.....
    how beautifully it picked up pace n cause..thnx

  5. thank you Sunil boss..

  6. very witty, how did you come to writing this stuff! very interesting and true!

  7. Just came to my mind out of blue.. I m glad you like it Meenakshi..


  9. u have great talent ...use it..

  10. P!yu says:

    it is really interesting.. feels refreshed to read stuff like this... keep sharing more...


  11. Your heart is really lucky to belong to a person like you ---most other people treat their heart as a punching bag expecting it to go on ticking irrespective of the reckless treatment given to it

    nice post

    I am sure your lungs too are as lucky

  12. haha... :)
    Rajni you are too good.. my lungs my heart and my kidneys are happy that you liked this post.. :)

  13. D.Nambiar says:

    :).Good one.
    And you quit smoking? If yes...good for you. Congratulations on that. :)

  14. Thank you D. Nambiar. This piece of work is based on imagination and inspiration from my experiences. As far as smoking is concerned, I don't smoke and I believe nobody should because it is a severe health hazard. I take your congrats nevertheless. :)

    Keep reading

  15. Anjan Roy says:

    Awesome...loved it...!!!

  16. wow!!!just loved it bhai...very interesting...unique....and informative...touched my heart;-)!!

  17. wow!!!just loved it bhai...very interesting...unique....and informative...touched my heart;-)!!

  18. Renju says:

    Wow!! Thats really an interesting conversation and i have never read a post like this before. Truly it was funny too and i really loved the way you talked with your heart. .he indeed have a humour sense!! haha :)

  19. shikha says:

    now this won my heart!! :)

  20. thanks Sudha.. i was waiting for your response..

    Renju, I am glad you my like my concept and writing..

    Shikha.. I have your heart as you say.. you are in for some bargaining now.. :)

  21. Following up on my thoughts and comments on your conversation with your Eyes, this article in the series has me thinking back to a couple of books I've read over the years written by people who were heart transplant recipients. Each of these people claim (and I believe them) that after receiving their new heart, they found themselves craving foods they had previously loathed, suddenly finding that they had acquired a musical talent they had never learned or honed, and many other intriguing facets that they could only attribute to their heart donor. Upon battling the U.S. transplant rules that used to make it verboten to contact the organ donor's family, these people would find that their donor loved those foods, had that musical ability, or played that sport when they were living. Clearly, the heart does house memories and emotions in some mysterious, as yet unproved manner. Perhaps medical science will isolate the core of this, perhaps not, but I firmly believe it to be truth. Your series seems to fall into that line of thought in the best manner possible.

    - Dawn

  22. Being a doctor i don't fall in line with that line of thought where heart has a memory.. but being a writer, i am bound to think beyond the apparent.. The cases that you mentioned here are indeed interesting.. it's beautiful that you firmly believe in a poetic description of heart i.e. one with emotions and memory.. i agree with you that heart has more to it than pumping or for that matter any organ has more to it than we know through our textbooks. Thanks for going through and also having your thoughts on the subject..

    See you again dear..

  23. Nice post Deepak. Talking to your heart is indeed insightful :) Coming here for the first time.

    - Subha

  24. Hi Subha.. You are most welcome to The Original Poetry..

    I am happy to have you here.. And I really look forward to see you more..


  25. sahe says:

    'Heart'ening to know u don't smoke. Ur blog reminds me of all the body parts i take for granted. So owe u a vote of thanx. :)

  26. hello Sahe..Your vote is taken with a heart heart and a delightful smile..

    good to see you around.. keep visiting friend..

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