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       Black eyed kids (BEKs) approach you calmly and quietly, usually in late afternoon or night. They insist you to let them come inside your house, car, hotel rooms, etc. Their skin is usually pale or olive coloured and their behaviour and mannerisms are odd. Though they are just kids but for some reason you get a frightening and terrifying vibe when you encounter them. You feel threatened and panicked for unknown reason. Then suddenly you notice that their whole eyes are black, no white cornea, no pupil, no iris. Life never remains the same after that!

Well, with no intention to scare you, this is the explanation you will get if you search the internet for BEKs. What are these entities and what are the possible explanations of their origin and nature? Let us try to find out.

Stories about these entities started appearing in 1988 when Brian Bethel, a journalist encountered two children who requested him to give them a ride in his car. When he was about to open the door, he suddenly noticed the black colour of their eyes and he was terrorized with fear. When the children realized that Brian had sensed something odd, they became more adamant that they be allowed into the car. Terrified by the incidence, Brian drove away quickly from the scene. Thus began the 'Saga Of BEKs'.

After this incidence, several instances of similar encounters with BEKs have been reported from all over the world. 

In one of the cases, a person named Siobhan (Oregon, USA) was working late in his office. To take a break, he just snuck out of of the back door to have a smoke. Suddenly he heard a voice from behind which shocked him for it was late, dark and rainy and he did not expected anyone there. As he turned around, he saw a kid (girl) with black eyes that sent shivers down his spine. Standing in the rain, she asked him if he could give her a ride home. Frightened by the situation, he dropped the cigarette, came inside and locked the door. He never smoked again!

A video of encounter with BEKs was recorded by a  couple but it could not be validated.

What are they? Various theories have been suggested with regard to their origin and nature.

Some people believe that they are vampires. Though attempt for blood consumption has not been reported in any of the cases but it should be noted that not even a single case has been reported where the witness succumbed to the demands of the BEKs to come inside. So basically, we do not know what happens when they come inside. But this possibility of BEKs being vampire of course remains a conjecture.

Some people suggest that BEKs can be human-alien hybrids formed from the synthesis of human and extraterrestrial DNA. This hypothesis originated from the claims of few women who were reportedly abducted by aliens that their unfertilized eggs were extracted by extraterrestrials using invasive procedures.

Some think that they are merely lost souls of departed children who are wandering to seek help from adults. The evidence suggested in this regard is the universality of feeling of fear when people come in contact with these beings. But what help are they seeking from us and how can we help them? In such encounters, most humans will think that they are the ones in need of help!

Some other believe that BEKs are nothing but demons in disguise. Choosing the form of child is clever as people are more likely to let them in. However skeptics say that if they are demons in disguise, then why do they induce fear rather they should cast their nefarious charm. But again, you can never say what goes on in the mind of the demon!

Many others believe that it is nothing  but a hoax and and an example of abuse of internet to spread rumours and lies. 

It is highly unlikely that any evidence will lead us to any conclusion regarding their existence, but the stories of BEKs are indeed interesting and fascinating. To be honest, I am a skeptic in regard to this whole BEK phenomenon and I don't think that they are real. But if I happen to encounter any such being in future, I surely will exit the scene without wasting a second in inquiring about its origin and nature. 

What will you do? I doubt you will ever let them in!


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  1. OMG do they really exist?scary article

  2. Anonymous says:

    I do not believe it, this is straight out of old
    horror stories. And Black has always been scary in movies.
    I'd ask them to come right in and not give it one second thought.

    Demons do not ask permission to enter, they just go through the openings humans create. An opening is an invitation..they need not ask anyone for anything to get through.

    Perhaps it is a test of the humanity levels in human beings these days.
    run in fear, never trust anyone, everything is evil.
    What happened to face your fears, benefit of the doubt, everything is of God ??????

    If differences scare you then you belong in the age of the clone people.

    A bunch of mealy mouth cowards afraid of some little children with black eyes. Casper must have frightened them as children.


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