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i want to be free
like a flying bird
high in the sky
without any sigh!

i want to be free
like a gliding duck
swimming without bother
with no illusion of luck!

i want to be free
like a running ostrich
gliding through air
with no worries of being rich!

i want to be free

standing tall, like a tree 
living on its own term
yet giving to everyone!

i want to be free
like a shooting star
far away
yet an aura for every heart!

              - Kislaya Gopal (Guest Writer)

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  1. Beautiful,brimming with positivity.

  2. thanx a lot Meenakshi & Vinay

  3. very beautiful poem with innocence at the core.. the desire to be like a bird, tree and shooting star is amazing.. well done Kislaya

  4. expressions personified beautifully....

  5. I hope she finds that beautiful freedom she writes of :)

  6. I hope the same Leo :)

  7. thanx a lot for appreciating my poem Gayatri, Anu and Deepak...:)

  8. Hello Deepak ji & Kislaya Gopal....
    I love freedom..and actually I felt the same but something different in writing just have look wanna fly like a butterfly

  9. Unknown says:

    then who is stopping you ?have faith ,have freedom !

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