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Economics and politics can never unite the people of the globe. It separates them in the name of currency and boundaries. Money and power dominates global relationships and exchanges and human values seem to have lost its meaning somewhere between them. 

According to a recent UN report, 1% adults of the world own 40% of world wealth and richest 10% has control of 85% of global assets. 50% adults of the world own just 1% of the wealth. 

Childhood lost in hunger
According to UNICEF, 22,000 children die each day due to poverty. Of the 7 billion people in the world, about 870 million people are hungry (FAO report) which means 1 in 8 people has to sleep without food. Vast majority of the hungry (852 million) live in Asia & Africa. 

Wastage of food
What is appalling to know is the extent of food wastage. According to a report by FAO (Food and Agriculture Organisation), about one third (30 to 40%) of global food production is wasted annually primarily by rich countries. Per capita wastage in Europe and North America is between 95 and 115 Kg per year. The map through which such huge amount of food finds its way to the garbage is printed well and clear on the starved, anorexic and cadaverous faces of the poor! 

Wastage of food in developing countries is due to lack of technology, infrastructure and marketing facilities. Developing and poor countries are marred by limited resources and rampant corruption. 

A recent study estimated that even halving the food wastage can improve global food security by providing enough food to feed one billion people.

Third world countries is the common term that is widely used to represent the poorest and developing countries. It is matter of utter shame that such vast majority of population has not only been isolated and marginalized but also been labelled as belonging to  a different world of second class. This shows that inequality has been legitimized in our so called modern world.

There is only one world, and we all are a common species. No one of us was born rich or poor, rather we were told to be one. 

Being a human is the biggest asset and identity of our species. But we seem to have forgotten the human values and have lost ourselves in the glitz and gloss of money and power. Inequality, poverty and hunger are a slap in the very face of our civilization. It is time we realize our values and correct our mistakes. We should think along human lines and across physical boundaries to save ourselves from the ignominy of ignorance..


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  1. Really sad and hard to accept this.

  2. magiceye says:

    Indeed! And the sooner the better!

  3. bare, hard fact, still nobody seems to bother. Thanks for the post, deepak

  4. Janani says:

    I really like the anger I see in your words. I REALLY WISH ALL THIS CHANGES SOON. We dont have to be a rich country but I hope we dont have to have food issue in our country.

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