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it's like yesterday..
i met myself in most beautiful way..
it was you..
conspicuous charm pervaded your esoteric sojourn..
love at first sight, no it was not..
brushed us slowly, as tide erode the clay..
destined to be together..
we fell in love..
paradise opened its gates..
and we were heavenly inmates..

lots of water has since flown..
dreams of sand wind has blown..
murky shadows exasperate our bond..
pain effuse and trickles through gaping wounds..
forlorn hums turned to unrelenting grievous groans..
we failed to feel their lazy leaden undertones..
hollow quietness wails for a heedful ear..
its meek quavering sigh unravels our fear..
everything is gone!
no love! no faith!

that's not true..
utter lie out of blue..
flame still burns somewhere inside..
yes it does..
it's not a false presumptuous hope..
failing to halt time's steep descending slope..
it has regressed to the core..
but its there, somewhere..
lurking in the dark..
waiting to reignite the spark..
its there..

let us wake up from this long dreamless slumber..
realign our sights to penetrate the hazy veil..
let us leave the quod and move where open skies are..
to liberate ourselves from rigid encapsulating bar..
let us make a dream filled with monsoon rain..
let us fall in love all over again..


11 Responses so far.

  1. TTT says:

    what a lovely poem !

  2. matheikal says:

    Lovely lines. Beautiful feelings.

  3. This is fantabulous...lines are sculptured

  4. Miku says:

    Excellent lines.

  5. i am happy you guys enjoyed it..

  6. very tough poem...jyada hi hi fi term use kiya hai..dont like this...samjhne mein itni mushkil aayi ke poem ka maja hi kharab ho gaya,...

  7. You have expressed so beautifully about most love relationships in this poem. Sometimes it just needs a spark to reignite the love and fall in love again. I loved your imagery in this poem.

  8. i am really glad you like it Rimly..

    see you again..

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