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Eight years back when UPA government took charge at the center, 4 projects were under pipeline, a dedicated high speed rail-road freight corridor, dedicated high speed railroad corridors, river connectivity project and 6 AIIMS. All of these were at the initial stages of planning  but UPA slept over all those ideas through all these year. For 3-4 years AIIMS projects were almost scrapped. Only now we listen about the faculty vacancies being recruited however infrastructure is still at the infant stage. And about rest of the three, we have no clue yet!

 To my horrible nightmare and frustration, our great economist's government has decided to buy bullet train sets costing Rs 25000 crore and you know what, these trains will ply at humble 110 kmph against their capacity of 300-400 just because lack of appropriate rail roads. At all our railways godown we will see heaps of spoiled grain and other agriculture produce. Wouldn't a dedicated freight corridor had not done with that? Do we really need an FDI to take such strategic decision? 

This is not a mistake if anyone might be thinking. This is congress work culture. If you search for Delhi Metro history, originally planned for 1984 for games. Our great congress governments were sleeping soundly on the files only till 1998 when actually the project could see the light of the day.  

After eight years we face an economic standstill up to the extent to immediately open everything we have in our country to FDI on a national emergency basis! Had UPA furthered mega infrastructure of such enormous quantity,  we wouldn't have reached at such standstill. But no, our PM is expert in crisis management in a peculiar way so that America gets its purpose solved and done! What I feel today is whether we have reached such economic crisis or we have been conspired strategically to be here? 

About UPA government's first highlighted decision in 2004, there was a report in India Today which revealed that immediately after taking charge at center the first step of the govt was to stop all the highway projects only till they had placed contractors of their choice among various highway project. That was the reason behind the slower speed of highway development under UPA regimen compared to the earlier NDA. And today we say FDI will bring the transparency and benefit farmers. What has transpired between Haryana govt and DLF is an eye opener, and second eye opener is the trend of the Dalal Street. Soon after opening market to FDI, there was a positive response in the form of big jump in Sensex but what was a minor news was a slowdown at industrial development index! 

So verdict is clear. We will throw away with 'Bichauliyas' and replace them with 'Horse Traders' and Job? They don't grow on tree dear!

 I'm not an expert on economics, I'm just a " Mango Man" and it's my habit of making noise, just to satisfy the claim of a " Banana Republic".... and my North Eastern kins have different meaning for banana (that is Kela). Don't know how they will react !!!!!!!

                             - Ravi Bisht (Guest Writer)

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  1. Call it revolutionary thoughts, bitter truth or hard realities, but no mincing of words here!

  2. well done...expert opiniom 4m a common man

  3. matheikal says:

    Isn't this the way all govt works? Is it really the problem of/with Congress?

    See what's happening with BJP, for example. What did any political party do for us, the "Mango people"?

  4. well I'm not endorsing BJP, rather trying to put an opinion on UPA II. and I don't expect anyone will do much for us but we'll have to ague with the Govt. and if they will not have fear to loosing to the opposition they will do nothing... I am trying for a descent bargain for me, the " Mango Man" !!!!!

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