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As you know that I had a wonderful time talking to my Heart. So I decided to make a visit to another vital friend of mine known by the name of 'brain'. Here are the excerpts of my conversation with the brain which was truly enthralling and mind boggling. 

Me: Hello Brainy. How do you do?

Brain: Hey man. I would like to assume that I am fine considering you are looking perfectly normal. I was expecting you as Heart updated his facebook status that you visited last night. Some of my neurons told me that there is a good possibility that you might visit me. I am glad you took the pain of visiting me.

Me: How sweet of you Brainy.

Brain: Pleasure is all mine. Unlike Heart, I don't have a problem with sugar. In fact I need constant supply of sugar or glucose for optimum functioning. 

Me: Heart told me that you have defamed him for making people fall in love. He thinks that it is you who is responsible for people falling in love. What is the matter between you two? Who is responsible for love?

Brain: Heart is very emotional you know. I don't blame him for whatever he said to you. He has been bearing the brunt of the blame for people falling in love. So his anger is truly justified. In fact it is truly kind of Heart that he continued to supply blood to me despite bearing a grudge for me. As far as love is concerned, not only heart but all of us are concerned that who is the main culprit behind it. Yesterday only, my friend Liver and his cousins, Kidney sisters expressed their concern over increasing incidence of love. Love is much beyond any of us. I am not sure what it is, just like most of the scientific brains. I don't deny that I process certain emotions related to love largely coordinated by department of limbic system in middle brain lead by my assistant managers Thalamus, Cingulate cortex and hippocampus. But I also warn them against the negative effects. Liver has to suffer a lot after break ups. You guys think that alcohol is the perfect remedy for a broken heart (heart won't like this statement). Do you even remember how much vodka you spilled down your throat after your first break up?

Me: ahhhh?? No. How much?

Brain: Even I don't know. I lost count after four shots. But when I woke up next morning in hang over, I had a chat with Liver. He was so frustrated with your abuse that he himself went to the bar that night!

Me: Are you kidding me? I don't have a bar inside my body.

Brain: You are right. I was exaggerating it but he was really frustrated. All of us are your vital organs and you are supposed to take care of us. We come to your rescue whenever required. So we expect you to take care of us and use us properly. 

Me: Yeah you are right. But you have failed me many times during examinations. Why did you do that?

Brain: Did you ever forget your girlfriend's roll number?

Me: No!

Brain: Did you ever forget her birthday and for that matter, her beautiful roommate's birthday?

Me: No, never. But why are you asking so?

Brain: What I am trying to suggest my friend is that if you forget anything, it is not because I failed you but because either you did not have interest in it or you were busy doing some other task and paid less attention to the failed task. You are the master my dear friend I am not. I merely serve you, I don't rule you. If you use all the facilities of your body judiciously, there is no reason why you should ever fail. 

Me: How come you guys know much more than I do?

Brain: Heart must have told you. All the knowledge is within you. It is time you start exploring it.

Me: You are right. Anyway, can you tell me about..

Brain: (interrupting) I can't tell you about those memory stores. Heart must have told you, its against the rules.

Me: How did you know that I was about to ask that?

Brain: Don't forget that I am your brain. I help you think. I am supposed to know what you are thinking.

Me: You are very smart.

Brain: Compliment is all yours.

Me: Please convey my apology to Liver. I will not repeat my mistakes.

Brain: We don't mind making mistakes because they are bound to happen. It is through your mistakes that you learn and gain knowledge. Just make sure that you do new ones.

Me: Thank you buddy for this wonderful insight. I'll send a tweet to heart that brain is not such a bad guy. I gotta go for now. It was wonderful talking to you. I promise that I will treat my body as temple and take care of all of you guys. I will give my best so that I learn from my mistakes, gain knowledge and become the best person that I can.

See You Again, Thanks For Everything!

A Talk With My Liver


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  1. WOW what a Brainy Brain-- seems to know nearly everything about everything.
    congrats once again

    and thanks for this lovely treat

  2. my pleasure Rajni.. thanks for reading

  3. Anjan Roy says:

    It was a wonderful rad...loved the way you portrayed various things through Human organs... great post :)

  4. thanx Anjan. I am glad you like it

  5. 'Just make sure you do new ones' that's awesome! Are you planning a trip to your liver, eyes or any other organ. Please do, I am all ears!

  6. That's great to hear Meenakshi.. I was not planning to, to be honest.. But we will see how it goes.. I cannot thank you more for your support..

    keep reading :)

  7. Anonymous says:

    nice and interesting...
    liver has to suffer after break ups.
    male livers.hahha

  8. I did try to speak to my brain. It said 'she doesn't exist'.
    Nice read.

  9. bhaiya shakespears bhi fail hai iske samne...

  10. Sunil Chaudhary.. Tusi Great Ho..

  11. wonderful.... brain tumhara aajkal khub tej daur raha hai :)

  12. What a lovely touch of whimsy married to wisdom! I enjoyed this and will visit your other posts in this series later in the weekend. I often have similar conversations with facets of Self, usually at random moments, sometimes during meditation. That regular exercise of checking in with ourselves is a vital part of living consciously. I look forward to enjoying more of your writing.



  13. Thank You Dawn for visiting.. I am really glad you like the idea and conversation as a whole. I hope to see you again..

    Namaste.. :)

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