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I had great fun visiting two of my friends, Heart and Brain. I thought I should continue the fun riot. First I decided to visit the Liver but considering the history of breakup-vodka stuff between us, I thought I should wait a little more time so that his bad memories fade away before I show up at his door. So I decided to visit the Eyes this time. What?? You want to know what happened out there. Here are some excerpts of the fantastic conversation that I had with my Eyes. 

Me: Hello Eyes, I came to see you.

Eyes: Yeah, I see that. I wish you could really see me but I am afraid you can never do that.

Me: What do you mean? I see you everyday, in the mirror, in my videos, in the glass of water, even in my girlfriend's eyes.

Eyes: All you see is my virtual image and that too in a faded form. Do you know that I can see the light of a candle burning at a distance of 14 miles?

Me: What!!! That is one big lie. I have trouble watching clearly beyond 14 meters. 14 miles is a long way to go.

Eyes: I am not too sure about hips, but Eyes definitely don't lie. Even when you speak lies through your vocal cords, I silently keep screaming for the truth. What I told you is my actual capacity. You keep raving about your brand new 14 megapixel camera. Do you know that all in all, I have about 576 megapixel.

Me: Wow, I never knew that.

Eyes: My actual capacity is reduced for three reasons. First, buildings and structures don't allow you to see beyond your so called 14 meters. Second, you guys have reduced the visibility of the atmosphere by polluting it with smoke, dust and particles. Further, you reduce my capability by abusing me for hours in front of computer screen watching stuff I keep on wondering why. Even if Katie Holmes is breaking her marriage with Tom Cruise, she will definitely not come running after you. What is the point of watching the gossip then?

Me: I am still figuring out whether you taught me something or plainly insulted me?

Eyes: Neither. I just mean to say that you should take care of me simply because I am one of the most useful parts of your body. 80% percent of the memories are formed by what you see and memories are priceless. You have already given some bad memories to the Liver I came to know from Brain. You should make beautiful memories and for that, you need to see beautiful things.

Me: I got your point. Anyway, do you know what poets say about you? They say Eyes are the mirror of the Heart. 

Eyes: We don't use mirrors here. I don't think Heart will have one. I have my 100% sympathy for Heart. He bears blame for innumerable things many of them he does not even know about. I have little to do with Heart, he just supplies me Sanguafina.

Me: What is Sanguafina?

Eyes: Like you guys have aquafina, the mineral water. I call my mineral blood as Sanguafina.

Me: (laughing) That is crazy. You are really funny. Anyway continue..

Eyes: I am wired to my rich neighbour, Brain. I have taken an apartment in brain on rent called as visual cortex. Brain processes the information that I supply in codified form to the visual cortex. In fact I use almost 65% of all pathways to the brain. So I am the most complex organ after Brain. You will be amazed to know that I have more than 2 million working parts. Poets don't see the complicatedness. But I don't complain, for they emphasize on beauty. That is what I say to you - See the beauty of things, neither complications nor superficiality.

Me: That is really sweet. I hope you don't have a problem with sugar like Heart. 

Eyes: Unfortunately I have. Diabetes is the number one cause of blindness in adults. The kind of movies you make me see, you look like an adult to me.

Me: Ha ha.. Definitely! One more thing, why you keep on watching girls? Do they attract you?

Eyes: That is a funny question. I never watch girls or any particular thing for that matter. I can focus on 50 things in a single second. Particular things like girls in this case that are given attention by you become the central figure of vision while rest becomes the background. So buddy, it is you who watch girls not me. But there is no bad in watching as long as you see the beautiful side of it.

Me: You are awesome. I have to learn a lot of things from you. Okay my dear friend, time to go. I'll see you on facebook.

Eyes: I am not on facebook. You give me enough reasons to waste my time. So there is no need for facebook I guess.

Me: (smiling) That is true! Anyway, you enjoy your Sanguafina. I'll catch up with you later. Say my hi to Brain.

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  1. Thanks for this lovely series----if lessons could be made so interesting it would become so easy to remember what we read.
    All these blogs are so helpful for the layman .


  2. wow! Honestly after reading 'heart' one, I never thought the same magic will be recreated. But, I was in for pleasant surprise. These series is something you should be proud of. Concept, writing style everything superb (I can imagine the kind of effort that goes behind such a write up), so Kudos to you! Keep it up!

  3. A beautiful conversation....

    Thanks for landing on my blog, visit again :)

  4. Thank you Rajni and Noopur..

    You are right Meenakshi.. I was a little more hard work writing this third part.. i had to avoid the sameness with the first two part while maintaining the same soul and effect.. Thanx for your recognition..
    I am really glad you like it. In fact you encouraged for exploring the full potential of this idea.. thanx for that also..
    keep reading dear..

  5. Anonymous says:

    Wow !!This is a great concept.Information and fun at the same time.

  6. Woah !! that was a terrific read. Didnt know the eyes had so much behind them. Was informative and humorous too... Great post !!

  7. thanks Diana and Cynthia..

  8. magiceye says:

    :) Lovely presentation!

  9. Panchali says:

    Oh, that's something delicious...You have the makings of an artful story teller!!

  10. Thanks Panchali Ma'm.. that was really sweet of you..

  11. CYNOSURE says:

    A creative one...wonderful read that was... :)

  12. Anonymous says:

    complexities are nicely simplified to comprehend easily.thax..
    thnx carry on..

  13. kamaal kar diya tumne to

  14. thanks Kislaya.. i treasure your recognition..

  15. neelam says:

    too good...loved it...:)

  16. thanx Neelam.. i hope to see you more..

  17. wow.... wonderful dear....I don't have words.... just amazing....

  18. that was really sweet of you Monica..
    thank you so much.. keep reading dear..

  19. Meoww says:

    What a clever presentation of important information! Really cool :)

  20. KayEm says:

    A brillilant way to impart knowledge. Very clever.

  21. improving every other day... great and I'm impressed....

  22. thanx Meoww and KayEm..

    thank you bisht boss.. i am glad you like it..

  23. When I was wee, and first discovering my writing talent, I adored the process of taking a mundane object...such as an old fashioned skeleton key, and giving it voice. I would follow it from its origins as raw ore being mined from the earth, being processed into malleable form, then being cast into a key shape that would fit only one lock. That lock turned into the door of a Victorian home, and the key shared stories of the many families who lived within over decade after decade. I see a very similar approach here with your series of talking with your body. Who is to say that each organ doesn't have its own sentience? I believe it is not only possible, but probable. I tend to delve deeply beneath the surface when something intrigues me, and this does. I look forward to more!

    - Dawn

  24. Thank you for visiting Dawnie...

    you are always welcome.. :)

  25. i am glad i was able to titillate you Dawnie.. you described the whole process of writing very beautifully.. it is indeed a pleasure to have a keen observer like you as my reader and friend of course..

  26. sahe says:

    Great series. Well researched, and served with the necessary dash of humour. I guess we are the sum of all our parts.. 'Total'ly entertaining :)

  27. thank you sahe for reading through.. i am really glad that you found it entertaining..

  28. LOL, I couldn't stop laughing when eyes said it's not sure about hips. Lovely reads... :)

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