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Ever since the man started breathing air from the atmosphere of this world, he has been inquisitive about his future. And for his rescue came astrology, a science which modern scientists did not consider a science for long. Astrology, palmistry, numerology etc have always intrigued human brains. Humans have always been eager to know who they are ,who were they in the past and of course where they will move on in future? And despite many conflicting views between astral science, astrological science and paucity of evidences, astrology continues to remain fascinating for many of us.

Now science has come up with its own interpretation of palm reading. Research has proved that many characteristics of an individual be it sportsmanship, academics ,emotional quotient or immunity power can be determined by the length of your finger.

Here's an hands on experience you can try right now. Just bring your hand in front of your face absolutely straight and observe the length of your index and ring finger. The ratio between the index and ring finger has been linked to the amount of testosterone an individual has been exposed to when he was in womb of his mother which determines his personality traits in future.
On an average, men usually have ring finger a bit longer than index finger which is longer in case of women. Greater the amount of exposure of testosterone, longer is the ring finger and more masculine characteristics will be present in the baby, be it male or female.

The ring finger has more receptors for testosterone and index finger has more receptors for estrogen as compared to others. It has been observed that individuals with longer ring finger generally excel in sports esp. running and football as higher level of testosterone is required for aggressive sports, workouts and is also responsible for certain kind of profession and sexual orientation. Hence females with longer index finger tend to be more fertile and feminine than the females with shorter one.

The difference can be as little as 2-3% but it makes significant difference in individual’s masculinity or feminity.

In 2007, Dr. Mark Brosnan at University of Bath tested 100 men and women. He found that individuals with longer index finger had good verbal and literacy skills. These skills are generally dominated by females. He also found that people with longer ring finger, both males and females were good at  mathematics and physics as compared to individuals with opposite ratio. Lesbian females have been shown to have longer ring finger indicating more exposure to testosterone in womb. Research conducted on gay men concluded that they had the same finger ratio as females indicating less exposure to testosterone before birth. The amount of exposure in the womb is decided in early pregnancy which sets the future characteristics.

In 2008, John Coates and colleagues at Cambridge University measured right hand of 44 male London stock traders and took saliva samle in morning and evening. They monitored those traders for 20 months and finally observed that men with longer ring finger made  more money as compared to shorter ring finger keeping the experience tenure equal. And those with higher testosterone level in morning made greater profits as this hormone is responsible for aggression, confidence and risk taking which is required for success in any business.

Till now eyes did most of talking and were hailed as the mirror of the personality but now hands will also do the talking. You don't need a crystal ball to see your future, just see your fingers!

 So if you happen to encounter a person inquiring about your future plans, it is time to show him your index and ring finger. This is bound to disappoint those who like to show their middle finger! But unfortunately, that's the way it is!

          - Anu Sharma (Guest Writer)

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  1. Very interesting article Dr Anu..

    You have included some very interesting researches and observations in your article.. Very interestingly presented..

    Never knew fingers can bear those secrets that we keep looking for..

    Looking for some more interesting articles.

  2. Anjan Roy says:

    i never knew fingers hold so much importance in our life...now am bit sceptical about my fingers...

  3. thanks maitreyee for visiting..nd appreciation!!!!hope to see u again......

  4. I had read about this but Anu you have explained it very well in simple terms for the layman;yet supporting it with scientific research.

  5. thanks indu...your appreciation really counts....keep visiting...

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  7. .. ha ha .. nice research but I knew that facts about the finger. In this post, I get more, but how will these theory relate with survival of fittest.

  8. Anjan Roy says:

    Hi, I am Anjan Roy, A little known blogger of “Anjan Roy’s Vision- Imagination” & I hereby nominate your blog for THE LIEBSTER BLOG AWARD. For more details kindly refer to Liebster Blog Award post at http://anjan5.blogspot.com/2012/12/a-moment-to-cherish-liebster-award.html/, I am Awaiting for your comments, Thanks…!!! :)

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  10. thanks kirti for liking the post....nd as far as survival of fittest is concerned it is the darwin's theory...which picks up the champ among the equals...keeping it aside..til we know its relation... lets enjoy these interesting researches..

  11. thanks kirti for liking the post...but as far as survival of fittest is concerned..it is competition of the best among the equals...nywaz until the relation is proved lrts enjoy these interesting researches....

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  13. Zee Leo says:

    Nice sharing dear

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