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Overtoun Bridge (Image Courtesy  Google)

The Overtoun Bridge  is an arch bridge located near Milton, Scotland. It is known as "The Thin Place"- a place where heaven and earth are close! 

It became famous for the strangest reason you can think of. Since 1950s, more than 50 dogs (mostly breeds with long snouts) have committed suicide by leaping off the bridge to the rocky bottom 50 feet below. This place of doggie doom is also known as "Rover's Leap'. Strangely, some of the dogs who survived the fall returned to the bridge and jumped again. Even more surprisingly, all the deaths happened at the same spot mostly during clear sunny days. 

In a bizarre incident in 1994, a man named Kevin Moy threw his baby off the bridge and unsuccessfully attempted to commit suicide himself. Later, he told authorities that he was antichrist and his son was Satan! 

In 1995, a collie named Ben jumped the wall and injured himself so badly that he had to be euthanized. 

Rupert Sheldrake suggested that dogs have psychic powers and they became suicidal due to their psychic connection to their suicidal owners. 

Overtoun House (Image: Google)
According to another story, nearby Overton House is haunted and ghosts spook the dogs into the suicidal leap. Overtoun House is a 19th century country house which was subsequently used as a maternity hospital. It houses a Christian centre at present.

Canine psychologist David Sands suggested that dogs were probably driven wild by the scent of the minks. But the scent theory cannot explain why dogs always jump from the same spot as they should be able to smell the minks from other spots on the bridge also. Some others suggested that dogs may be attracted by the sound of water or may be mesmerized by some kind of optical illusion. 

No theory till now has been able to put forward a satisfactory answer to this strange mystery. What is driving dogs to death? Is it ghosts, souls of their suicidal owners, smell of minks, optical illusion or sound of water? Well, we can't say for sure. But the legend of Overtoun Bridge is interesting indeed!

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  1. Loved to step in here... :)
    Nice snap


  2. Superb! Never heard of this before and really spooked. Poor doggies...

  3. Jay Singh says:

    Hi Deepak,

    Oh my, that was quite a revelation for me. I didn't know about this place. It sounds quite spooky.
    Do you wish to test out the theory and mystery of this place?


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  4. hi Noopur.. really nice to have you here..

    i hope to see you more here.. :)

  5. Hi Nikhil..

    yes you are right.. its really spooky..
    why dogs commit suicides?
    why man threw his own child calling him Satan?
    its intriguing and scary to say the least.

    meanwhile, thanx for visiting.. i hope to see you more..

  6. Hi Jay,

    it is spooky indeed.. i would have loved to test the theory and visit the place.. its interesting..

    thanx for reading buddy..
    see ya again..

  7. Bikramjit says:

    right i did not know that .. now thats some info on why dogs want to comming suicide .. spooky indeed ..


  8. hi bikramjit.. yes it is spooky.. but very interesting.. glad you like it.. i'll try to get some more stories for you.. keep visiting..

  9. Reality is truly stranger than fiction.Remember the Chilka lake of Orrisa?

  10. what strange about Chilka Indu??

  11. Khushi says:
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