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Love bug has been around for ages, long before Casablanca, DDLJ or Titanic hit the silver screen and much before Harry met Sally.  It’s rather difficult to decipher its origin. It has been present for so long that there has to be some mystic power attached to it that continues to remain a mystery to all of us.

The importance of love in our lives has been proven again and again, scientifically, spiritually, knowingly or unknowingly.

Basically, there are seven types of love:- romantic love, pragmatic love (eg. love for your country), altruistic love (love for a cause, GOD or religion), obsessive , common, familial and brotherly love. Each of the above types of love  is described as same (i.e. LOVE) in English language.

Most modern languages of our era have only one word to describe this bizarre wide range of emotions of what we call as 'love'. But ancient languages had many categories for love and a separate word for each feeling. 

Ancient Persian had 78, greek had 4, latin 5 but sadly English has only one. This has enhanced the mystery associated with love, especially for men. 

Problem of One Word
When a woman use the word 'love', man has little idea of her meaning of love as she says 'i love you' but he lands on the seventh moon anyway. The very next moment she says “I just love pizza”, ”honey, you know how I love chocolates” , “I have been in love with diamonds ever since I was a child”. She may conclude by saying “I just love Tommy (of course her dog), he's too cute”. There you have a man more confused than ever rating himself among the pizzas, chocolates, diamonds and dogs. Tommy doesn't mind it though!

First time a woman says  'I love you' to a man with all her heart, it signals commitment, monogamy, nesting family and kids. All these female priorities can be scary to men as it evokes the pictures of in-laws, boredom, loss of hobbies and freedom, responsibilities, mental torture, daily soap, a pot belly and baldness. Pot belly is okay, but daily soap!!!

Though married men are more willing to die (at least they joke so), it should be mentioned that they live longer as compared to singles. There has been a great amount of research done in the field of love and its importance in our healthy living. Since 18th century when it was the beginning of formalised medicine, doctors have declined to accept any idea of longevity that could not be measured or quantified. 

But research now has proven that being loved and being in love allow you to live longer and better. Its positive effects on longevity are much better than any other single factor, be it genes, diet ,lifestyle or drugs. Dr. Ornish, author of “Stress, Diet and your Heart”,is the pioneer in the research in human longevity. He was the first medical scientist to prove that ailments such as heart disease could be caused or reversed by adopting healthy lifestyles and loving relationships. 

Research from Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine in Cleveland, Ohio gave questionnaires to 8500 men who had no history of duodenal ulcer and followed them for a period of 5 years. Out of them, 254 developed ulcers but the surprise element was that those men who had answered 'my wife does not love me' had three times more ulcers than others. So dare not say that, you are better of saying, 'Oh gosh, I got the prettiest wife in the globe'!

In another 5 year experiment, 10,000 married men with no history of chest pain were enrolled and results were again in the favour of the men who felt loved and cared by their wives. They had lower rate of angina (chest pain) as compared to those who were unhappy in their marital life regardless of other risk factors present. Ongoing research has shown that emotions play a strong  role of buffer against things that cause stress. So ladies, if you want your husbands to live longer and of course serve you longer, just love them! 

Does that mean that if you had a bad childhood, then you are going to die of cancer or heart disease? Well the simple answer is, no. Research says that intimate loving relationship as an adult brings emotional safety and can nullify the early effects of childhood deprivation. However if the person is so unlucky that he didn’t have a happy and loving childhood and is not having a loving and secure relation as an adult and is still deprived, then of course he is a strong candidate for these major ailments.

Studies everywhere has shown that married people live longer, have lower mortality rate for every disease than single, widowed or divorced people.  There has been studies in which married people had 5 year longer period of survival  after a disease has been diagnosed. Marriage brings in security and overall, a healthy immune system. Diagnosed with an ailment, it's time to get married! 

Hence, we can say that the bug of love is not such a bad thing. In fact it adds immense value to our life, both quantitatively and qualitatively. Today when we have so much of stress and competition in our lives which is taking a toll on us, making us sick mentally and physically, it's importance increases all the more. Why pay so much in form of hospital bills and medicines when we can avoid most of the ailments by just giving some quality time to our dear ones, be it our parents, grandparents, friends or  life partner. Though love still continues to be a mystery, but it's a beautiful one for sure. 

              - Anu Sharma (Guest Writer)

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  1. Hiten says:

    Hi Anu,

    This was great post on the 'Love bug'. Deepak, thank you for having Anu guest post at your blog.

    Anu, the facts you included in your post were fascinating and I had to chuckle when I read what you wrote about how guys misunderstand when girls talk about love!

    Anyhow, I think I need to get married soon!

  2. you got the point right Hiten.. time to get married.. :)

    yeah.. that is a wonderful article on love.. some interesting information beautifully presented in a lighter form..

    good one..

  3. wonderful article! very witty and informative at the same time!

  4. thanks hiten,deepak nd meenakshi!!!!!

  5. Wonderful post with interesting research results, Lol! ;)

  6. Jay Singh says:

    Wow, Anu, you have categorized love into different types and forms.
    Love does truly become a cure for many incurable diseases and disorders.
    Thank you Anu for this post.

    Thanks Deepak for sharing this article with us :)



  7. thanks jay for ur encouraging comments!!!!!

  8. Anonymous says:

    wow!!! anu ,so i can say...all bugs of luv live longer
    n if they die..RIP

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