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Time - Myth or Reality?

Most of the things in the world are relative as the theory of relativity would predict. But there is one thing that remains constant. You guessed it right, it is TIME. Clock of time continue to tick forward constantly whatever you do, wherever you are. Is it true? Well, some theories suggest that it is not. Let us go through some of the interesting theories about time.

the shorter, the closer!
1. You live in the past - How would you react if you are told that you are actually living in the past and whatever you are experiencing has happened slightly in the past? You have every reason to give it a dismissing laugh. But some scientists think otherwise. One point of view suggest that your life isn't a live feed. The broadcast of your life that you get from your brain is delayed by 80 milliseconds. Brain constantly edit and censors the content for your convenience so that you can make sense of the information that you get. For example, if you touch your nose and toe at the same time, you feel both of them simultaneously. However, logically you should feel you nose first as sensory signal from toe will take slightly longer time to reach your brain. But brain tries to synchronize the information to make sense of it and it can do so only by pushing your consciousness slightly into the past. But what are the implications of such delay, if any? Well it sounds bizarre, but if this theory is true then people who are shorter are living slightly closer to their present than their longer counterparts because information takes slightly less time to travel through their body. 

aging faster!
2. You age faster at greater heights - Time runs faster at higher places. If you live at  33 cm higher altitude than your neighbour, you age faster than him at the rate of 90 billionth of a second in 79 years (difference between two atomic clocks found in a recent experiment). Well, the taller guys are again at disadvantage here!

slowing up time!
3. You can slow up the time by moving faster - If you move with the speed of light, time will stop (we know that, thanks to Einstein). Of course you don't have ultra fast spaceship to do that. But you can use your good old car to slow down the time if not stop it! If you drive at 40 kmph, you can cause time to move slower by 0.0000000000000002 percent than for a person who is standing still. Confused! So am I. Let us move to the next theory.

long boring lecture
4. Time runs at different speeds for different people - According to neuroscientist Warren Meck, brain time is relative. There are multiple clocks in the brain running at different speed and our brain decides which one to believe in at any given time. Sometimes 1 minute seems like 1 hour and sometimes 1 hour seems like few seconds. You wonder how 1 hour morning lecture seems like taking ages to complete and how time flies by when you are with your girlfriend!

timeless black hole!
5. Time stops outside of a black hole - Black holes have infinite gravity at the center (called gravitational singularity) due to which they pull everything and even light do not find escape. As we know that gravity and time do not play that well together, so what happens when time gets trapped in such extreme gravitational force? Well, it almost stops! Event horizon (an area encircling the black hole) of black hole is the point of no return. If someone gets stuck in the event horizon, then it would take ages for him to fall into the black hole, for time moves so slow that for an observer outside the event horizon the person would appear like floating there forever!

Moment freezed
6. One day, even time will die - You might think that time is immortal. It is only fair to assume that time is timeless. Well, that might not be the case. Scientists think that time is not infinite. According to four out of five calculated possibilities, time is likely to end in about 3.3 to 3.7 billion years. But in the fifth scenario, it could end even before that. What it will be like? Scientist argue that whenever it will happen, we won't see it coming. Things will slow down and eventually... stop! There won't be the next second thereafter, and everything will freeze, completely still! Imagine that time stops when you are with your girlfriend in those beautiful moments. What next? Well, there is no next. Your idea of eternal romance will get immortalised there and then, forever!

Time is not just ticking of the clock, there is much more to it. You can also say that it is nothing. Some say that time is linear from this moment to the next. Others say that all the time happened at once and we are merely at a point in that timeline. Then there is multiverse theory that states that there are multiple universes existing parallel to each other. What is time? Does it exist? Is it a reality or just a perspective? What is the status of our existence in time?

Well, the fact is we are not sure of our existence in time. May be it is from this moment to next, may be at one moment in a timeline that has already happened,  there may be alternate timelines in different universes or may be it is something else. Well, whatever it is, for the time being all I can say is.. just enjoy the moment!


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  1. Anjan Roy says:


    i never thought time has so much diversities...!!!

  2. Thanks Anjan for visiting..
    I strongly believe that time is not the way we see it. It is much more complicated concept than our clocks suggest. There is some mystic element attached to it.

  3. Panchali says:

    Truly inspiring post!One must live every moment...Nice narration!

  4. Years ago i had written a post'Timeless Time',but this one from you is totally different & mind boggling.A very profound teaser for the brain.Thank you !

  5. You will not find that post on my blog-this was before i started blogging.

  6. I will dare add one more fact to it;) We all know the nearest start from our solar system is 4.2 light years away, that means if we happen to see that star explode today, it actually happened 4.2 years ago. Imagine some stars are billions light years away. So if we see that star today, the we are seeing an image that was formed when even our sun was not born!

    Thanks Deepak, That's an awesome collection of facts! I am most astonished by the fact that even time will stop one day!!

  7. I agree "Time is not just ticking of the clock, there is much more to it:....and i think time is perhaps the greatest mystery and is deeply wrapped up in consciousness and our experience of things. For Newton time was absolute, whereas for Einstein time became more flexible and relative in scope. In a way, no one has been able to fully explain what time is.....

    BTW an itresting write-up by you :)

  8. That is a fascinating fact sheet. The most scary of them all is about the death of time even if I won't be around to witness that. Great post!

  9. Anonymous says:

    very interesting.....
    wonderfull presentation n explanation,
    u cant stop reading...goes smooth.
    interesting interpretation of facts.
    thnx deepak...

  10. maliny says:

    i myself have wondered many a times about the intricacies of the concept called time . But then all the thoughts proved to confluence towards more confusion . As you concluded i guess its more practical to live the moments and leave the rest to the Supreme Power :)

  11. Sri Valli says:

    Beautiful post on time! time appears different at different times depending on the situations

  12. I find myself regularly resonating with the topics you choose to expound upon. I ponder the layers and vagaries of time, enjoy researching, and delving into the quantum side of it all. I've been fortunate to work (in a technical writing context) at some government facilities that research quantum applications. It is beyond fascinating what is being discovered at that level, regarding time and cause and effect. I've had conversations with physicists at these facilities about time, the Theory of Relativity, string theory, etc., that can turn your mind inside out with all the complexities. Theory aside, I agree with you that *now* is where we preside, and appreciating our immediate existence is important in that it creates a positive energy that we radiate outward. That's where and how I choose to dwell. If my immediate existence does, in fact, resonate into and affect other realities, other times, then I want to project that positive energy. :)

    - Dawn

  13. hey Dawnie.. nice too have you here again..
    i m glad that you resonate with the topics i expound upon.. you always come up with some endearing thoughts which are truly refreshing.. your view echo with mine as far as time is concerned.. time i believe is something else than we believe it is.. tanx for visiting anyway my friend..

    see ya again.. tc

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