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khud likhte hain alfaaz wo ret ke kinaron par,
aur mauj ko zaalim ka naam diya karte hain..

puchhte hain shaakh se toote hue patte ki hasrat, 
jaankar bhi ki mukaam uska tay hawa ke jhoke kiya karte hain..

hote hain wafa-e-saudon ke dhokhon se waqif, 
lekin paimano mein doob jane ka bahana kiya karte hain.. 

aur kaise bayaan kare is ILZAAM ko ye shayar, ki.. 

chamak swarn si chah mein jhulas jate hain parwaane lekin, 
bematlab hi shama ko badnaam kiya karte hein..

      - Manvendra Rana (Guest Writer)

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  1. WOW.. Once again, you have come up with magical words.
    Bahut achcha likha hai Manvendra.. keep it up.. you are a wonderful writer.. I am lucky to have you here..

  2. Please don't complain that hindi poems are not written in devnagiri script. I am an author at ezine articles and they don't accept articles from blogs written in any other script other than english. So I have to write hindi poems in english script. I hope you will understand. Enjoy the poem.

  3. Manvendra Rana says:

    Thanks Deepak bhaiya, actually i feel priveleged to be amongst great writers out of imagination. U know submit karne ke baad har 15 mints mein dekhta hun ki publish hui ya nahi. Such is the level of fervor.

  4. That's heartening to hear brother.. Keep up the good work. Always look to improve. There are no limits to what you can do. I see some great potential in you.

  5. Manvendra Rana says:

    Surely will attempt earnestly to improve. Thanks again.

  6. Opening couplet is itself bang on, it will remain with me for long time to come. Way to go, Manvendra!

  7. Manvendra Rana says:

    Thanks Meenakshi ji fr considering my poems worthy of being in ur treasure thoughts.

  8. Panchali says:

    behareen pangktiyan..:)

  9. Manvendra Rana says:

    Thanks Panchali ji, i blissfully accept the token of appreciation

  10. very nice...what an imagination..

  11. Manvendra Rana says:

    Thanks a lot sunil ji, it's true we need a lot to ponder while writing.

  12. Anonymous says:

    very nice...
    it touchs several chores at one go.
    lov it..

  13. Manvendra Rana says:

    Sunil ji bahut bahut dhanyavad for feeling d essence.

  14. Manvendra Rana says:

    Thanks a lot Vishal ji

  15. Jay Singh says:

    Hi Manvendra,

    I must admit, this is good quality Hindi poetry that I've come across. Deft use of Urdu and Hindi words to great effect. Loved this poetry.

    @Deepak - thank you for sharing such a good post with all of us :)


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  16. Manvendra Rana says:

    Thanks a lot Jay Singh ji, overwhelmed with ur kind response.

  17. jahid says:

    Another great post Sir Ji :)

    Hi Deepak,
    You are a wonderful blogger and I really enjoy your blog

    I would like to nominate your blog for THE LIEBSTER BLOG AWARD.
    For more details kindly refer to Liebster Blog Award post at http://jahidakhtar.blogspot.in/2013/01/first-liebster-award-thanks-rajni.html

    Thanks and Regards,

  18. Bahut Badhiya hai.

    sirf ek alfaz ko theek karna hai "taya" becomes "tay".

  19. Manvendra Rana says:

    Thanks Jahid Sahab, i fully agree wid u, i am grateful to Deepak bhaiya for his blog.

  20. Manvendra Rana says:

    Thanks Fayaz ji for liking it, nd sorry fr dis typing error

  21. shaayar-e-ilfaz bahut khoobsurat hain ;)

  22. Manvendra Rana says:

    Dhanyawad Gayatri ji

  23. Wah Manu Bhaiya....Mazaa aa gaya

  24. क्या बात है उम्दा शेर

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