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Biocentrism was conceptualized by biologist Robert Lanza in 2007. He proposed it as a new theory of everything i.e. a theory that explains everything around us. 

This theory states that life created universe and not the other way around. Life, biology and consciousness are central to this theory. This theory argues that life is not an accidental byproduct of physics. It combines physics and biology instead of keeping them separate. 

The theory can be understood under following headings. 

                             Life and Consciousness

Sunset is Beautiful. Why??
This theory argues that initial origin of life still remains a scientifically unknown process. But consciousness, which is very central to life, remains even poorly understood. Modern physics cannot explain how a group of molecules in brain creates consciousness i.e. how consciousness arises from matter. That is why the beauty of a sunset remains a mystery for science! Modern science can point out where in the brain the sensation arise but it remains silent on how? 

George Berkly once made an interesting observation (300 years ago) - "the only thing we perceive are our perceptions". 

Biocentrism believes that consciousness is the matrix upon which cosmos is apprehended. Colour, temperature, taste, etc are not absolute essences, they exist only as a perception in our head. 

                               Origin of Universe

Big Bang
Biocentrism believes that current models of physics fails to understand even the fundamentals of our universe, let alone the complicated issues of life and consciousness. It questions that how come that universe came to existence out of nothing after Big Bang. One moment there is nothing, next moment you have entire universe, how come? They suggest that you can never get something from nothing. How could the entire universe and the laws of nature themselves pop out of nothingness! They believe that Big Bang is merely an event in a continuum that is probably timeless and therefore not an explanation for origin of everything. 

Biocentrism holds that universe is created by life and not the other way around. There is life, therefore there is universe. Consciousness creates universe and therefore universe could not exist without us. 

                                 Space and Time

Reality of time has long been questioned by philosophers, physicists, etc. Biocentrism suggest that time is nothing independent of the life that perceives it. Quantum mechanics speaks of time in terms of change. Biocentrists argue that change is not the same thing as time. They define time as the summation of spatial states occurring inside the mind. If the next mental frame differs from the previous frame or image, we accrue that change with word time. It is just a way of making sense of things. 

Similarly biocentrists consider space as neither physical nor fundamentally real. They argue that it is merely a mode of interpretation and understanding. They overrule the Newtonian view that space is like a vast container with no walls. They give three examples to support their notion. First, theory of relativity would predict that there is no absolute distance between something and something else. Second, empty space as described by quantum mechanics is not empty but full of particles and fields. Third, entangled particles can act in unison even when separated by width of a galaxy which cast doubt on the very notion that distant objects are truly separated. 

Biocentrists believe that biocentrism will unlock the cage in which modern science has confined itself. They believe that space and time are like harmless illusions in real life. But the problem with science is that they treat them as fundamental and independent things. And therefore they start the investigation of world of reality with a wrong starting point. They believe that physical and living are two sides of the nature and we cannot build one without the other. Therefore they underlines the importance of biology in decoding the understanding of the nature of the cosmos.


Physicists argue that biocentrism presents an interesting philosophy but it is unlikely to change anything about science or the way science works. Some others criticize biocentrism on the basis that it does not make any testable predictions. Physicist David Lindle described Lanza's work as vague, inarticulate metaphor. But some other scientists believe it to be an important scholarly work that bring biology into a central role in unifying the whole. 

Despite of all the criticism, there is no denying that biocentrism presents an interesting and intriguing approach to see the very existence of our being, space, time, reality and the entire cosmos. What do you think?

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11 Responses so far.

  1. Meoww says:

    Really interesting theory. Yes, i dont think Science can explain the spark of conscience that makes us alive.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Interesting theory! This theory is quite close to theology than the current day science

  3. I agree with you Meoww.. any research into physical realm is unlikely to result into cause of consciousness.. this feature of biocentrism theory is quite believable..

  4. You are right Sapna.. but it is not all theology, i makes some sense even if it could not be verified.. it is vague but interesting nevertheless.

  5. Jay Singh says:

    Hi Deepak,

    This is a question which has haunting the human minds since ages.
    However, I believe that the Universe as well as life is too complicated to be called or just taken for granted. That initial spark, which created everything, it must have been controlled by some supreme being. And the answers to these questions can only be answered by that being alone, I believe.


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  6. Hi Jay,

    I agree 100% with your sentiments.. there has to be some power that turns physical structure into life.. we can trace the molecules, their structure, sequence everything, but we can't say how that takes shape of a life..

    Thanks Jay for having your thoughts here..

    See you again.
    Take care,

  7. Saro says:

    interesting. as i was reading the post i remembered this thing i remember someone told me, about monks in Tibet. they'd go out to take a bath in cold water, and then convince their minds that the water was hot and stop the shivering. we've heard it being said several times, that our thoughts are our actions.. our perceptions build our thoughts don't they.. makes sense, this theory!

  8. Anonymous says:

    quite an interesting read!!

  9. Thank you Saro for visiting. You made an interesting point here. Thoughts may not govern our actions but they definitely influence them.. without any doubt.

  10. Thanks crazyambivert.. i hope to see you more here..

  11. ewj says:

    no this is probably just as incorrect as string theory - not happy with it. i prefer something really simple like e=mc2. in a new book called absolute relativity theory of everything. it comes down to not mass or matter or strings or black holes just time. And only 2 entities of time. 1 constant and the other temporal. Temporal can only exist if matter exists which provides us with the 3D which we take for granted. The important one is TIME CONSTANT which is creating new space second for second. around this very simple idea you can make everything work. in the book ...'Absolute Relativity - Theory of Everything'

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