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Blind date is an interesting concept. It is more of an adventure rather than a date. It is a date between two individuals of opposite sex (well, mostly!) who are blind regarding the appearance of the each other. It is an attempt mostly by young age group to find a partner for them, to explore their sexuality or sometime just to have some adventure. 

I was fortunate enough to have this experience in my life. It wasn't a dream date by any scale of measurement but it was a memorable day anyway. Though it was a day full of chaos for me, but I remember it very fondly now often with a smile. 

The incident dates back to the summer of 2006. I was 22 year young boy in 3rd year of the college. I was suffering from viral fever and was on bed rest. Suddenly my phone rang. As usual, it was a call from vodafone (hutch at that time) for post paid connection. A husky voice pronounced my name from the other side,"hello Mr. Deepak, I am Sureeti (name changed) from hutch customer care. Do you want to take a post paid connection." I had liking for husky voices as I was very fond of Rani Mukherji. I was also looking for post paid connection as pre paid calls were very costly at that time. So I told her to call me after I get well as I wasn't feeling good enough for anything. 

                           Get Well Soon

The fever refused to go and I was in the bed for about ten days. But what was special this time around was that she called me everyday to say get well soon. She would call, ask me about my health, wish me a healthy recovery. But that used to take just two minutes. Our talks went beyond those 2 minutes, sometimes up to an hour or two. She must be using free call service of the company of course. We begun to exchange thoughts. I asked her about how she looked. She said,"I have a wheatish complexion, black hair, black eyes. I am beautiful if that is what you want to ask me". Husky voice and beautiful looks can be dangerous for a 22 year young single boy driven largely by appearances! My expectations soared through 10 days of chatting that I had with her. We decided to meet for a date, A Blind Date.

                           The Preparation

And the heavenly day arrived. I woke up early by my standards at 9 a.m., two hours before the meeting time and started preparing and polishing myself for a romantic day! My friend and room partner (Vikas) was sleeping and he got awfully disturbed by my early morning disturbances. Kehte hain dost kamine hote hain, sahi kehte hain (It is said that friends are wicked, very true). Vikas got up and said, "Let me see who you are going to have a date with. I will reach there before you to see what is in the menu today!". I left for my destination without paying heed to his warnings.

                                The Date

I reached the meeting point and was waiting for her. I told her on the phone that I have reached and wearing a white shirt. Suddenly I saw Vikas nearby watching me and cursed him, "Kutte"(Dog!). He wasn't bothered anyway. So we both were waiting for the girl as we stood at some distance. Out of no where a girl came rushing towards me but I did not think it is her as she wasn't a match for the description on the phone. Deepak! There she called my name and all my dreams came crashing down like a pack of cards. For a 22 year old driven by appearances and soaring  expectations, she was not of my liking and wheat had nothing to do with her complexion! Heaps of powder was clearly visible on her face. I felt cheated and confused. I looked at her and smiled nevertheless. Then I looked at Vikas and oh boy, he was jumping and laughing like anything. Date bhi gayi aur izzat bhi (date and pride, both were gone). 

                                 The Chaos

Despite of all this, I did not want to hurt her so I commenced with the date. As thoughts and images of Vikas  making fun of me played in my mind, I asked her to sit on the bike. She sat on the bike and held me tightly as if I am the last man left in a post-apocalyptic earth! We reached a popular mall. My mind was constantly searching for ideas about what to do now. Many girls of my college used to visit the mall and that's what my next fear was. After losing the date and pride, I did not want to lose the eligible bachelor status. Any girl of my college seeing me with a girl on a date means my eligible bachelor status is gone. I parked the bike and said to her, 'Lets go to McDonalds'. She readily agreed. As we marched our way to the McDonald's, I kept moving faster so that I could maintain a 5 meter distance from her. 'Why are you running so fast', she asked. It's a habit, I replied trying my best to make it sound genuine. Anyway, we reached McD's without any further casualties.

                          The Embarrasment

 As we sat on a table, she asked me if she could sit on the chair beside me. I said it would be best if she sit in front of me so that we could talk face to face. I ordered whatever she wanted and we started talking. While talking I tried an old idea hoping to get a breakthrough and said, 'I am having headache, I think it would be best if we leave now and meet some other time'. She immediately replied,'I am not good looking that's why you are making all these excuses'. I denied it and said, 'its not like that and if you think so, I will rather stay to prove you wrong'. My intentions were to make a balance between not to hurt her and saving my eligible bachelor status. Suddenly she held my hand and asked,'can I sit beside you?' I immediately said no sensing the danger. But she did not listen to me and sat on the chair beside me. I tried to act normal though I was getting uncomfortable (as I was a boy from small town with no prior experience of being alone with a girl on a date). She started getting cozy and came dangerously close to me. I told her it is a public place I want no embarrassment. But she was hard to convince. My greatest fear materialized as the guard of the McDonald's came to me and politely said,'Sir, this is a family restaurant. Please take care'. I got furious over it and told her that I wanted to go back now. But she maintained that I was making excuses because she was not good looking. I still did not want her to feel bad about her looks but I was running out of ideas. I was looking for ways to avoid embarrassment, not hurting her and at the same time save myself from becoming a raw material for the rumour mill of my college. This time I decided for a movie as I thought it could serve all my goals by hiding me from public. Fortunately, she agreed readily. I bought two tickets of Krishh and rest of the time was relatively safe. There were minor attempts of intrusion, but I managed to sail through it!

                              After Effects

I drove her back to the same place in the safe confinements of my helmet! While I was coming back to the college, I met some juniors as they said sarcastically,'Arre boss kiske sath ghoom rahe they aaj'? (Whom were you riding with today?).  I had become the talking point of whole college. Later, one of the seniors came to me and told me that the very same girl had called him too but he managed to escape without her being able to spot him. I never picked her phone ever again and the episode ended. Though this episode was a big embarrassment at that time, I remember the chaos and cat-mouse game associated with the episode very fondly now and it often brings a smile to my face. As they say,'tragedy of yesterday is the joke of tomorrow'. 

Have you ever had any experience of blind date? Was it chaotic like that of mine?

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15 Responses so far.

  1. Hey Deepak as i read the title "the
    blind date" i knew what it was goin to be. Nevertheless i Read it again to have fun. I want to say "oh Boy!" ha ha ha..
    okay from your previous bunk episode I had a querry 'why the other boys did not turn up for the class except you both?'

  2. ha ha..

    Vinash kaale vipreet budhhi.. that seem to be only probable reason.. :)

  3. That's really funny, enjoyed reading it! :)
    Why don't you try it next time. ;)

  4. haha.. I would love to Gayatri.. i wish for better luck next time..

  5. HAA HAA..MUJHE TERE SE PAHLE CALL AYI THI...but i was in deep sleep so i disconnected without paying attention to her husky voice...that was a great time...the best days of my life...

  6. HAA HAA..MUJHE TERE SE PAHLE CALL AYI THI...but i was in deep sleep so i disconnected without paying attention to her husky voice...that was a great time...the best days of my life...

  7. you were lucky my friend.. Par Vikas ko bahut maze aaye they sale ko..

  8. Anonymous says:

    I never had an experience like this.Enjoyed reading your post Deepak and this is one of a kind experience. It sure seemed like fun. Better luck next time :)

  9. AmitAag says:

    Lol:):D Loved it :) Thank you Deepak for the smiles:):D

  10. Hi Diana.. I am glad you like it.. I hope to see you more here.. And yes, I won't mind a better luck next time..

  11. Thank you Amit ji for reading the post.. I am glad i was able to bring some smiles.. :)

  12. This was hilarious...and very well written :)
    When I came across the lines "I'm beautiful if that's what you want to ask me" I knew at once what must be in store lol. Poor you that your friend was there to jump and laugh at your misfortune. And the part where you were apprehensive of losing the eligible bachelor status was just too cute :D

  13. Hey Sudha.. Thanx for going through.. really glad you found it hilarious and cute at the same time.. it wasn't cute at that moment for sure.. :)

    see you again dear.. take care

  14. I have never had such an experience....This was really funny....you trying to hide your embarrassment and not to hurt her at the same time sure would have been a difficult task....Good luck next time!! :)

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