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The Gang rape of a 23 year old girl, the torture and the trauma that she suffered had awakened the whole nation out of slumber. The protests were unprecedented and people from all walks were a part of it. SHE died an untimely death on 29 december 2012. May her soul, rest in peace. 

It is important that this incidence of rape should open up discussions to  inherent, underlying and systemic violence against its Women.

What about the so many rapes of the villages that go unreported?

What about the rapes by army men who after such a heinous crime move around with impunity?

What about the inequality that a girl faces the moment she is in a mothers’ womb…female foeticide.

What about the differences in bringing up of a boy and a girl child?

What about the marital rapes?

What about the domestic violence?

What about using the body of a female for settling personal scores?

What about Women being paraded naked?

What about so many politicians who have rape cases against them but still are members of legislative assemblies and parliament? Who has given them the right to be our representatives?

Why does family honour and family pride begin and end with a woman?

What about the so many eve teasing cases on a day to day basis…everywhere?

Why have we objectified our women?

There are so many WHYs and so many WHATs…. But answer is something that we need to find by questioning this patriarchal society, the mindset, that perpetuates this dominance over women and treats them as inferior beings.???????

 - Kislaya Gopal(Guest Writer)


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  1. very well written kislaya....the flame has been lit..now we need an answer!!!!

  2. You have summed it up nicely.Who will give the answers?

  3. Thanx Deepak and Indu Chhibber
    Answers are with all of us....we need introspection...we have to challenge the existing mindset....we have to sensitize young boys and girls....education with values........reforms in the judiciary and police....respect....we have to tackle misogyny at each and every step with sustained efforts from all of us.....discussions have to continue....fire should keep burning.....

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