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This was written by me on a bus from Ranchi (where I studied) to Gaya (my hometown) after the grim incident of mysterious death of my Friend. She was also my lodge mate and classmate in 11th &12th. I was heartbroken and messed up and just wanted to reach home as soon as possible. My mind was wondering about her, the beautiful moments that she spent with me and my other friends, her short life, its purpose, our existence and other things. But slowly with time I could grasp the reality, come face to face with it and handle the situation. I realized that Life is a journey that unfolds slowly and offers various insights and opportunities for us to learn and share.This poem was just an expression of those feelings.

carrying a gloomy face
trying to catch up with the rat race
struck by the trauma of an unusual facet
driven by fear and Kismet, my fate
i was desperate to plunge on my destined date
thinking, how time would tick away?
making…every moment 
to minute
to hour
to day
to weeks
to months
to year
 as if time had stagnated, not budging to pass,
that’s when i looked around and saw my co-passengers
having eager faces
enthusiasm bursting and bubbling in each case
their enthusiasm,
was it because of the challenge 
they were accepting from life?
Or were they like me,
cursing the journey
and blurting,
destination is the thing that’s prime!

but TIME
it’s wonderful
a heavenly creation
if you know it well, 
yours is the world
but if you are unaware of its passing vibe
you are doomed to remain ordinary
and lost in the dreary dusk

wisely said,
time is the biggest healer
how i swept away steadily, in its tide
was unknown to me
i had the rarest feeling
of its soothing ripples
which gave me smiles
that would last for a lifetime
tinkling and reminding me by its chime
that moments are precious
live to the fullest
love to the infinities
gain through the journeys

ultimate destination once you reach 
all your vigor is consumed and bleached
then set foot for another destiny
and that’s when you realize
in the spick and span of time 
that journey is better than destination, besides!


           - Kislaya Gopal (Guest Writer)

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  1. An honest, emotional, deep and well written composition. The pain, the chaos,the helplessness and how time heals the wounds, you have presented everything right from your heart that evokes countless feeling as we go through it. And you have concluded it beautifully with a theme that leave oneself thinking that journey is what life is all about.

  2. Kislaya, I am really happy to have this poem on my blog. Thanks a million to you my friend.

  3. Deepak I am so humbled by your appreciation. Thank you!
    You know in this case writing really helped me in overcoming the emotions that welled up, and settling the chaos within me. Same as "TIME"; writing helps you soothe and find answers to the questions you pose... we just need to look within than wandering outside in search of it!

  4. Journey offers you excitement and aim in life, destinations are anyway momentary.

    "ultimate destination once you reach
    all your vigor is consumed and bleached"

    Beautifully expressed!

  5. 'Journey is better than destination', nice lines.

  6. Maliny says:

    time heals - that is the ultimate truth . .

    beautifully written piece of work . .

  7. Thank You Meenakshi! Journey is the biggest motivator in life...and that makes life more exciting,isn't it?

  8. Thank You Arumugam Easwar!

  9. Great poetry kislay...it really takes u through life journey.....

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