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the sun rays
beautiful glaze
shining right through my window
chirruping birds
cool breeze
tickle my bones
mist and dew
brings hope anew!

morning miracle has lot to offer
i bask in splendor bliss
i look further
and see the meander.

my thoughts travel on the labyrinth ahead
i surrender to the supernatural power
blessing showers;
reveling in that amaze
i silently pray
for strength
to tread on the less taken way!

             - Kislaya Gopal (Guest Writer)

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9 Responses so far.

  1. a composition full of freshness, vigour, hope and strength.. the very essence of morning captured in a beautiful way..

    keep it up Kislaya..

    I loved it thoroughly..

  2. Shukriya Deepak.... :)

  3. Sri Valli says:

    New day, new hope!
    Beautiful poem!

  4. Thank You Vishal Rathod and Sri Valli...

  5. Rat says:

    as fresh as the morning glory... very nice poem.. :-)

  6. pranav says:

    very nice poem and very fresh words ...

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