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Mothman is a legendary and bizarre creature that terrorized Point Pleasant, a town in West Virginia in 1966. It is one of the strangest creatures to ever grace the annals of weirdness in the history of mankind. It was half man and half moth! It terrorized the locals through its glowing red eyes and by flying over their cars. It is even related to the collapse of a major bridge over River Ohio. 
The story began when one couple who was driving around a TNT factory in the town (vacant since World War II). They spotted a figure of a large winged man with glowing red eyes and massive wings that unfurled from his back. It appeared like a headless man with eyes on the chest. Other people reported similar sightings during next few days and Mothman Mania took over Point Pleasant. 

Silver Bridge over River Ohio collapsed in 1967 and 46 people died. There were no sightings of Mothman after bridge collapse suggesting connection between the two. Many UFOlogists and paranormal experts started drawing connections between bridge collapse and Mothman. 

Many theories were propounded to explain the bizarre sightings. Let us take a look at some of them.

1. Barn Owl - Agent Mudler believed that Mothman is nothing but a barn owl. Wings of a barn owl when fully extended makes the bird seem larger than it actually is. Their eyes reflect red colour when flash lights glow upon them and also appear like mounted on headless torsos.

2. Alien -  Some people believe that Mothman may be a kind of alien as the sightings and disappearances of the creature had similarity with UFO sightings.

3. Sandhill Crane - Wildlife biologist Robert Smith  suggested that the description of Mothman fits the Sandhill Crane, an American crane almost as high as man, seven foot wingspan and red colour circling around the eyes. He suggested that the bird might have wandered of its migration route.

4. Thunderbird - Many people connected Mothman with the Thunderbird. Native Americans of local area had stories of a giant terror bird called Thunderbird that could easily swoop down and carry away a man. 

5. Mutant Bird - The theory of the mutant bird was born due to the fact that the area in which Mothman was first sighted was a World War II munition dump which also used to be a bird sanctuary.

6. Angel - A series of disasters took place after sightings of Mothman including Silver Bridge collapse. Also, a mysterious person named Ingrid Cold called author John Keel (who authored book 'The Mothman Prophecies on which a movie was made) and told about premonitions that ended up coming true (eg. a plane crash with exact number of casualties). This raised speculations that Mothman was either predicting these events or perhaps even causing them.

7. Faulty Perception - Human perception can be faulty sometimes depending upon the psychological states of the observer and their prior beliefs and cognition.

8. Hoax - Joe Nickell attributed Mothman sightings to pranks, misidentified planes or a group or construction workers who tied red flashlights to helium balloons. 

The mystery of Mothman still remain unexplained. Whatever the reason behind these mysterious sightings, they are very interesting and worthy to poke around. 

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