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The yellow leaves sticking to the branches of the old tree were blowing along with the evening breeze. There were many happy children in the park, standing on the swings, drifting down on the slides, some fighting with the other, and some laughing along with their cheerful parents. And there were the balloon and ice-cream sellers catching up with their everyday business. A few yards away, there were two kids walking by the platforms of the narrow streets, through cans of trash, sprawling hags and street dogs. 

They were secretly carrying small packets of white powder some of which had been delivered to a few children in the park. Those children had, at first been bullied and forced to take such packets which they found to be quite mysterious. But once they started consuming them, they got addicted and their bodies shivered without it. They found that, they weren't themselves without it and they could do anything to have it, just to see the packet of opium in their hands. Initially, they started stealing a few bills from their parents' wallets and later as their demands increased, they started selling those packets themselves and buying opium from the money they earned. 

Initially, they were lonely, without anyone to care, stuck in self-pity, depressed without an outlet of emotions, unable to relate to other people and seemed to be stuck like an ant in the cobwebs of a disturbed life. But in the company of the mysterious little packet, they found themselves to be at ease, they needed not the love of caring hands, the happy company of peers, the fun of play, nor sunshine, nor the whole earth, but only the white powder. It seemed to be, they were the best of friends, it seemed to help them, spreading peace in their lives, but in reality, they are the biggest waves of tsunami, the vilest of enemies and the sole detriments of their lives.

 Only a very few manage to crusade their way out of such addictions and they are to be heartily cared for and distracted out of such acts. The children stuck in such addictions are not to be shredded or hated, but in reality, they yearn to be caressed by loving parents, they long to be in the company of helpful friends. They are the ones who deserve to be caressed and imparted love on.

By Gayathree Ganesan (Visit her)


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  1. That's a brilliant article on a very sensitive social issue. The problems, issues, situations and approach for mitigation of problem has been very beautifully told by my friend and fellow blogger Gayathree Ganeshan..

    Thank you Gayathree for choosing my blog for such a beautiful and well written article. You are always welcome to 'The Original Poetry'. You are always welcome for future submissions. Thanks a million my friend.

  2. Mixi says:

    Deepak, you get the most amazing guest bloggers on your blog. Another gem of a post.

    Gayathree, a very vivid and raw piece. I don't think many of us know how rampant drug addiction is among street kids. Also, I've seen many students from high-profile schools indulging in drugs and alcohol as recreation. Thank you for highlighting such a serious issue.

  3. Thank you Mixi for visiting. I am really lucky that I had the pleasure of displaying the work of some of the brilliant writers on my blog. TOUCH WOOD. :)

  4. For me it was very touchy . The first thoughts coming to my mind why this can't be controlled ?

    Gayathree jee very deep observation on the hidden fact. Thanks for sharing .

  5. very sincere effort to point out something which we all seem to ignore..
    thnx..for sharing

  6. A very common problem these days. We've heard of many true stories of drugs being used by school students and college students here in our city of Bangalore. A very serious addiction and a great cause of concern for parents and Teachers. This post beautifully describes the dangerous addiction.

  7. very hard hitting post, indeed! It is a news to me that even kids are drug addicts and paddlers. Street kids live a very hard life. Drugs do provide them a temporary solace but ruin their lives permanently. With virtually no parental attention, this problem is not easy to deal with. More often parents themselves are addicts of either drugs or alcohol. Add to it illiteracy, poor nutrition, a total absence of healthcare facilities. And what these kids will do, they will further sell to children belonging to higher income strata. The whole scenario is so scary.

    Thanks for bringing this problem to light: Gayathree

    Big thanks for hosting her Deepak.

  8. odyzz says:

    Hard hitting but true..Such social problems are acting as termites in the society..Well done Gayathree..and big thanks to Deepak ...

  9. Truly a very sensitive issue in our Society. Thanks Gayathri and Deepak for highlighting it.

  10. Sri Valli says:

    Beautiful post on an important issue! Those drugs eats away their goals and dreams, its so hard to come out once they get addicted...

  11. JK says:

    I've only heard about such things. It's sad that young minds fall to such temptations and then find it difficult to come out. If only the perpetrators of such crimes are caught and dealt with.

  12. Jay Singh says:

    Hi Gayathree,

    Very relevant article speaking about issues affecting the youth of today.
    Addictions in any form is bad for one'e thinking, personality and overall life as well. We cannot let the youth surrender themselves to such addictions and watch our future change-makers go down into the depths like this.
    I hope we try as much as possible to help these individuals come to terms with reality and bring them back to normalcy.

    @Deepak, thank you for sharing this lovely article :)


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  13. CYNOSURE says:

    A brilliant one I'd say...and an important issue brilliantly put forward... :)

  14. Thank you Deepak for graciously posting my article in your blog. :) And thanks all for your amazing comments. My my... I haven't got so many readers for a long time. :)

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