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for every grain of sand upon the beach,
i have a KISS for you..

for every twinkling star in the sky,
i have a HUG for you..

for every drop of water in the ocean,
i have a SMILE for you..

for every ray of light coming from the sun,
i REMEMBER you..

for every second of every minute,
i MISS you..

with every breath of my life,

            By Sourabh Kumar (Guest Writer)


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  1. A soothingly romantic composition. There is a feel good and larger than life factor in it. BEAUTIFUL..

  2. Anonymous says:

    wov very beautiful composition.
    well done to explain most unexplainable thing...

  3. I am not very romantic but this poem is , a good one !

  4. sourabh kumar says:

    thnk u all:-)

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