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Sitting on the beach, watching the waves from the closest range, my forearms rested firmly on my knees, fingers of my hands tucked deep into each other, I fixed my gaze to a wave, that rose boldly at a distance,  stowed recklessly with scattered wisps of water popping out, rushed playfully towards me with its innocuous crushing force. I suppressed my penchant for cleanliness and on the road resolution to remain dry as I prepared myself to hug it with a monk's concentration and child's joy. The wave climbed towards me as I saw it at striking distance, riveted my eyes on its expressive ways, didn't care to blink my eyes, just heaved a sigh. It touched my feet first, heralding the upwelling of joy, pounced upon me not willing to wait anymore, brushed my knees, flushed my arms as it drew towards my face. It lay for the thousandth part of a second in front of my face, my heart pounded the chest bone, blood flow swiveled, for the wave was ready to unleash all its  magic as I peered at it with open eyes, and it splashed against my face losing its  infallible poise with alluring demure. 

'Wow', the moment stuck in my memory, it conjured an endless spiral of thoughts as I submerged into the dulcet tones of its hypnotic rhythms. I did not care to swim as it drowned me mellifluously with its heavenly spell of joy. I savored its beauty with open eyes, touched its face laced with shimmering hopes. Luminescing orbs of my eyes soaked the flawless elegance that plunged on its walls, shone brightly in the luscious abode of angelic radiance, immersed effortlessly in the swirling tempest of its ethereal beauty. 

The moment lasted a few seconds, so lucid it was, unambiguous and unclouded, fortified with celestial piety. A surreal web of thoughts inundated me as soon as I came out of it. 'That was beautiful' I blinked, 'I was beautiful while I was there, most beautiful I ever was' I blinked again. 'Was that real me? Or just a figment of my existence?' gobbled a chunk of air into my lungs to abate the uneasiness. 'I am not like this when I read, when I write, even when I bask in boisterous luxuries this world offers to me' I lifted myself from the ground as I gazed around. I tried to find out what made it beautiful, my eyes wandered, my mind puzzled! Sand, silt, clay, boulders, the ocean, salt, water, what? 'What made it beautiful? What made me beautiful?' 

I refocused my eyes on the waves. 'I will never know! Probably I should not know? May be the beauty lies in not knowing it? May be I should just feel it?' I took a deep breath taking my attention from the mirthless thought. 

I sat again, fixed my gaze at another wave that rose few yards into the sea and there you go, I was ready to feel the magic yet again.....


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  1. excellent narration everything so vivid one could almost see a person and his thoughts

    great read

  2. Thank you Rajni you just said what I intended to evoke through this post, an experience as close to real as possible through a pen. :)
    I am i glad even if I achieved 0.1% of it. Thank you so much for reading the post.

  3. What a wonderful narration. I was engrossed as i was sitting on the beach and enjoying each and every thought that i arising in the mind. Splash.

  4. Thank you Sriram ji for reading. I am really glad you like it.

  5. Hello Vishal.. I am very pleased that I could evoke a splash moment in your mind. STAY WET. :)

  6. Mixi says:

    Wandering thoughts, random observations, looking at a point right beside you without really focusing on it, or looking far into the distance and keenly observing every speck - when left alone and undisturbed with just our thoughts, we discover profundity without intending to :)

    Very nice!

  7. It was as vivid as it crashed against me, I liked the philosophical touch it had, everything doesn't need an explanation. Many things are better left unanswered, unexplained, just to be enjoyed.

  8. Sri Valli says:

    Lovely flow of thoughts....Got themagical feel while reading...Beautiful narration Deepak :)

  9. Thank you MIxi (Meenakshi Ganesh) for reading.. what beautiful thought you have said.. very true..

  10. Hello Meenakshi.. I am glad that the wave crashed on you.. I hope it didn't bother you much.. :)

    you are abs right.. questions are more interesting than answers.. stay around. tc friend..

  11. Hello Valli.. Finally the secret of my magical wand is out :)

    I am really glad you liked it dear.. thanks for reading..

  12. What a neat description-it is good to give in to your whims now n then!

  13. Thank you Indu.. I am whimsical. :)
    Always great to see you around. Thank you so much for reading.

  14. Panchali says:

    This blog is purely about expressions in writing and is outstanding in that respect. Really enjoyed it. Fantastic job, deepak!

  15. Thank you Panchali Mam.. I am elated that you loved the expressions. Thank you so much for reading. You are always a pleasure to have..

  16. I'm your follower number 100..All the best.Way to go..:-)

  17. Oh dear. You are a memorable member for me now. Thank you so much for being part of my small milestone. Thank you so much for your well wishes dear. I am all smiles with your gesture.

  18. Maliny says:

    such a detailed description ! i am an admirer of subtleties myself :) you have written it so mesmerisingly !

  19. hello Maliny.. thanks for reading through. Its really pleasing to get a feedback like this from a fellow doctor and blogger. I am immensely pleased my dear friend. Thank you so much.

  20. Damyanti says:

    Your voice needs to be heard more widely. Consider signing up for the A to Z Challenge April 2013.

  21. Thanks Damyanti for your encouraging thoughts. I am working on a secret project for getting a wider audience for my voice, I hope it will also reach you. :)

  22. odyzz says:

    I travelled along the crests and troughs with your words..Wonderfully expressed... was mesmerized..lovely.. :)

  23. Thank you odyzz, my dear gemini friend :)
    It is heartening to hear that. Thanks for reading through dear.

  24. odyzz says:

    Ahem !! Ahem!! Pardon me if I am too intruding but may I know about the secret project you are working on..just curious ..( Gemini traits .. :) )

  25. ha ha.. i will tell you for sure.. in private.. classified information..
    i also need an information from you by the way.. your name.. not too intruding i guess.. :)

  26. odyzz says:

    Ha ha ..will surely eagerly wait for the "classified information"..
    hmmm..and willing to know my real name is not intruding at all..shall provide you all the information immediately ..just lemme know your E-mail address..

  27. its kripaldeepak@gmail.com

    feel free to contact me dear. anytime.. :)

  28. really a good narration :) Wanna feel the magic yet again...... the ending is simply awesome :)

  29. Thank you Saurabh, pleasure having you here. I am really glad that you loved the narration. I hope to see you around dear.

  30. Oh, such a beautiful thought expressed here,beautifully! :)

  31. Hello Gayatri.. Thanks for stopping over dear. nice to know that you loved my wandering flow of thoughts.. Stay around friend.. :)

  32. Deepak, I seriously don't know why but the song, 'Bachna e hasino lo mein aa gaya' is ringing in my head after reading the description of wave engulfing you. You made it so desirable in your narrative. Loved reading it :)

  33. jahid says:

    Beautiful narration.
    Quite scary for me though, as i don't know swimming :)

  34. waves waves waves....come and make me feel .
    nice description,

  35. I guess you wanted to dedicate the song to me.. :)

    Waves are desirable, aren't they Saru? I just told their story.. so modest I am. :)

    Thank you buddy for coming over, I love to see you here. See you again.

  36. Hey Jahid, thanks for reading thru buddy.
    Don't you worry, nobody gets drowned in a beach, waves throw you back from the sea into the beach. Its a beautiful experience.

  37. Hello Gunjan. You are most welcome to 'The Original Poetry'.. Thank you so much for stopping by and joining the blog. You are a cherished member now. I hope to see you around buddy.

  38. Wow.. Really nice.. Loved it.. :-)

  39. Hello Kavya. I am really really happy that you loved it. Thank you so much for joining the blog. I cherish your kind gesture. Thank you friend.

  40. Its magical indeed...Nature is magical! :)

  41. Thank you Akash. Welcome to the blog buddy. Nature is indeed magical.

    Thank you so much for joining the blog.. you are a cherished member now. :)

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