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Have you ever been sad after achieving what you actually wanted at that moment? Have u ever wondered what was it actually that u wanted instead? Many a times in our life we are mistaken by our choice, our priorities of life. We could not understand what we want; that is the reason we could not enjoy the happy moments of completion of our momentarily goals. And actually there is also no solution to it as Ii see; actually you cannot sometimes determine what you want unless you are away from it or you have lost it. But there is a cure for it....and that one is easy to say but very hard to do. And that is.. stay happy with what you have in every moment. Do not try to control the future, neither try to balance the present with the past. Because one has not yet come and another has just passed away, what you have got is just the moment at present, the moment you actually waste taking shit out of other things.

go on and have some faith on yourself. You will be happy for ever!

pal iss jiye hum ki baat kya kal me thi..
ki pal iss jiye hum ki baat kya kal me hai..

khush na the wo pa ke bhi..
jo auro ki najar me hai..

bas pal abhi yeh jee lo, manjilen dagar me hain..
yeh aaj kal hai kuch nahi yeh pal bhi safar me hain..

                 - Vivek Tiwari (Guest Writer)


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  1. great ..i like it...
    yeh aaj kal hai kuch nahi yeh pal bhi safar me hain...
    what a quote....

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