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Long time since I visited one of my organs. Considering the fact that I had such great fun visiting heart, brain, eyes, and liver, you must be thinking what took me so long making the next visit. Well, earth is a busy place with hectic schedules; we guys have little time to visit our own bodies, and we don’t care to visit our body organs and ask them about their well-being in whatever free time we are spared with. Am I right? I am afraid the answer to this might be a ‘yes’.

Anyway, without any more dilly-dallying with the boring (advice is the worst vice it is said) stuff, let me tell you that I visited my lungs recently, and as usual, I had great fun talking to him. You must be wondering, which lung I visited, for we have two lungs as we all know. Any guesses? Well, it’s a simple one. I visited the left lung for the simple reason that it is close to my heart (physically of course). Let me take you to some of the excerpts of my long conversation with the lung. Here you go…

Me : Hey Lung, how are you doing buddy?
Lung : (smiling) Hey Smokey, good to see you man. I came to know from heart that you are on a travel spree, visiting different organs one by one.
Me : Yeah that’s right. But my name is not Smokey (I shrugged). I am your master; I thought you must be knowing my name.
Lung : What is in the name? One of the great writers has said.
Me : Yeah, that’s fine. I appreciate your knowledge of literature, and to be frank, I like William Shakespeare too. But that still doesn’t do anything to change my name (I frowned in wonder).
Lung : Of course it doesn’t. Actually, I nicknamed you as Smokey when you started smoking the deadly pipe. Didn’t heart tell you this?
Me : No, he didn’t. He told me that both of you (lungs) were irritated by my smoking habit, but he didn’t tell me about the name thing. And anyway, I quit smoking quite some time ago.
Lung : So what! Once you make a name for yourself, it sticks with you.
Me : That’s not fair. You shouldn’t be known for the goals you missed.
Lung : But that is what you do most of the time. You remember the heart for the hypothetical beats it misses on seeing the girl you love so desperately, you remember the brain for occasional lapses of memory it encounters during examinations, you curse the eyes for just missing the sight of the girl living next door, and liver who does not gives you any hiccups till it starts failing remains largely unremembered.
Me : Oh look at you, you are looking in great shape. (I changed the topic instantly, realizing that I was heading on my way to a classic embarrassment.)
Lung : Oh thank you so much. Some credit should be given to you, at least where it is due. I am glad you quit smoking. But smoking is not the only problem you have brought my way.
Me : What do you mean? I can’t do anything about the pollution.
Lung : That's not right mind you. But I am not talking about pollution here anyway. You should watch your tongue before you say anything.
Me : What do you mean? (I didn't see any connection between lung and tongue except the fact that it rhymed, but I doubted if lung was a poet!)
Lung : Ah! You act so innocent. Let me tell you an incident. You were in your teen age when you uttered those golden words from your heavenly mouth. 

Me : What?

Lung : You said to a girl of your class, ‘Love is in the air.’
Me : So what? 
Lung : We, the organs of your body, are not well versed with the concept of love even now. Back then, the concept of love was absolutely alien to us. As soon as the organs heard that some foreign substance (love) is there in the air, a stage of panic was set in across the length and breadth of your body. I started getting c-mails from all the parts of the body to properly monitor the content of air before sending it to them.
Me : What did you say? C-mail? (I wondered)
Lung : Are you chemically challenged?
Me : What do you mean?
Lung : C-mail means chemical messages, through the nerves. Every part of the body was wondering what was happening to its weirdly behaving master, and we were really scared of this thing you called as love.
Me : Oh my! I didn’t even realize it. What happened then?
Lung : Thank God the girl in your class slapped you after the proposal and things returned to normal slowly. (The lung was quite to the point and blunt in insulting me. I must hold some kind of record for asking the most number of self injurious questions ever.)
Me : Oh (wry smile), that was good (There was little I could say to that). Anyway, you seem to have a close relationship with heart? (I changed the topic again)
Lung : Of course. I am the heart of your heart.
Me : Heart of my heart? How come? (I wondered again)
Lung : You can see it two ways. First, your heart pumps oxygenated blood to your body, but it is me who works to oxygenate the blood it pumps relentlessly. Secondly, the blood from right side of the heart passes through me to get oxygenated before reaching the left side of the heart, so I work as a crucial mediator between the left and right half of your heart. That automatically makes me the heart of your heart.
Me : Oh wow. You guys work so beautifully in tandem without bothering me even for a second. Every time I talk to you guys, I cannot stop wondering how you continue to work for my well being without complaining. It’s a shame that I don’t care for you enough. I am already working to rectify my mistakes, and I really hope to earn a better nickname for myself than ‘Smokey’.
Lung : (f)air enough. That’s good to hear.
Me : Air enough! (I wondered). I guess you are not much into the f-word. Are you?
Lung : I love facebook. It’s just that I prefer air over fair. Anyways, you take air (of course it meant care). See you on fb.

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  1. This is the fifth installment of this series. I hope you guys enjoy it as much as you enjoyed the previous ones.

  2. Hi Deepak...Good to read the fifth instalment of the talk series.
    It was fun reading. You have presented it well. And the dose of humor is filled in (f)air amount, Smokey :P
    Every conversation is so well thought of. The concept of 'c-mails' and 'love is in the air' was innovative indeed.
    It was good to know that you were slapped by a girl ;) :P
    A good talk, really enjoyed the conversation. :)

  3. Panchali says:

    hahaha....must go thru the series, deepak! Awesome...and the c-mail part was truly hilarious. Absolutely fun blog. But, seriously...quit smoking and be good to your heart :))))

  4. Thank you Kislaya for coming over. You always analyse the posts in great detail. It is a great pleasure to have the thoughts of a dear friend and thinking writer on this space. I always look forward to your feedback, and I am really glad that you liked this one. Keep coming my dear.. :)

  5. Hello Panchali Mam, its great to know that I could evoke some laughs on your face. I have always admired you, and it is a great pleasure to have your presence in these pages. Thank you so much for reading through and registering your thoughts. You are a treasured guest here. So, just keep coming. :))))

  6. Great take on this topic! It will be loved by the school children and those who hate biology (l et me ignore the love concept though ). Cheers!

  7. Beautifully said Deepak! Its true that we care for everybody until the doctors prescribe to take care of our most essential life giving body organs. I would love to read the other posts too.

  8. ashivani says:

    hahaha.. i loved it.. i must read the rest of them too. really made my day.. TAKE AIR..

  9. Its hilarious and Profound

  10. mysay.in says:

    hilarious .. i have read the eyes and i suppose the ears ...and this is an amazing read as well.. i could literally see cartoons of the lungs and myself .. talking to eachother... hahaha....btw .. i equally loved the photo!! hi and hello on a xray report !! hahaha very very nice

  11. Uppal says:

    Enjoyed reading it.The dialogue style, very innovative!

  12. Lovely write up. Will show it to my kids.

  13. Thank you Uma ji for coming over and reading. I am glad that you liked the post. I am super glad that you ignored the concept of love (very rightfully). :) CHEERS..

  14. Thank you Fayaz bhai for reading through. I am so glad you loved it. I would like you to read the rest of the posts of this series. Thank you once again. :)

  15. Hey Ashivani. Welcome to the blog. I am elated that you had a good time here on your first visit. I wish to see you more.. Take AIR.. :)

  16. Thank you Rupert. Please take time to visit again.

  17. Hey mysay. I am glad that you followed some of the posts of this series, and also that you loved this one. Thank you for your wonderful comments. I cherish them from the deepest layer of my heart. Thank you dear. :)

  18. Thank you Uppal Mam. I always cherish your visit on this blog. Really happy that you liked this one. Please keep coming mam. :)

  19. Hello Archana ji. I am absolutely elated that you found this post worth showing to your kids. That is a real boost for my tiny effort. Thank you so much. Please make a visit again. :)

  20. jahid says:

    Very creative Deepak Sir!

  21. Maliny, says:

    i don't understand a few of the hindi words, though i can read and write hindi. That was why i couldn't post on your shayari's :-/ But loved this post! i could relate to the details a lot. very creative :)

  22. Thank you Jahid for visiting and reading thru. I am absolutely elated that you found the post creative. Pleasure having you here. Keep coming.

  23. Hey Maliny. I completely understand your point. And I am really happy that you visited to read this post, which is very relevant for both of us, being doctors, and for that matter, everyone as smoking is killing our men and women. Thank you so much for visiting and registering your valuable thoughts. :)

  24. This is wonderful post . Never read anything like this.


    Travel India

  25. Thoroughly enjoyed it. Good conversation. Good to know that you quit smoking. :)

  26. nice concept of talking to a organ....i liked it very much....

  27. This is the first time I have visited your blog ... loved the post ... and yes, the last part of the conversation, humorous but with a deep message :D

  28. Anjan Roy says:

    As magnificent as ever...really your posts does give us the basic knowledge in the form of conversations without going into much depth...as your depth would mean ...things going way above my head...!!!

    Loved it ...:)

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