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As you know that I have been visiting the parts of my body one by one. Last time I visited lung and he said to me to watch my tongue before I speak. I was struck by his utterance, for it gave me this brilliant idea to talk to my tongue. We guys are so used to talk using our tongue that the idea of talking to the tongue itself never crosses our mind. I thought it would be great to have a chat with the mother of all chats, the tongue. And I can't tell you enough how much fun I had talking to my tongue. Without wasting any more time, let me take you to some of the excerpts of the conversation that I had with my sleek tongue. Here you go...

Me : Hello tongue, how are you dear?

Tongue : I am pretty pink and healthy. Thanks to your tongue scraper you see.

Me : Yeah, I see you are so talkative (It was strange calling the tongue as talkative). Nice to see you in good spirits. At least there is one part of my body that is not complaining to me.

Tongue : Right to speech is not something one will complain about. I enjoy the freedom that I have.

Me : Freedom! (I wondered) Other organs are not prisoners of mine I suppose. Are they?

Tongue : If being attached to strings is any measure of freedom, then I am afraid they are prisoners.

Me : What do you mean? I don't have any strings or shackles in my body!

Tongue : How you tackle with shackles determine the degree of freedom you enjoy. What I mean to say by freedom in this context is that I am the only muscle of your body that is attached only from one end, and for that matter, you will be surprised to know that I am the strongest muscle of your body.

Me : Oh are you? You don't look like one.

Tongue : Looks can be deceptive my dear friend. You remember your first girl friend? 

Me : Yes I do. But why are you asking this?

Tongue : That was a landmark moment for me, for it was the first time I ever doubted my ability.

Me : What in universe my first girlfriend has to do with your ability! (I shrugged) She had a bad breath that's all right, but it has nothing to do with your ability!

Tongue : It certainly has.

Me : But how?

Tongue : That was a bad taste (Tongue said bluntly). 

Me : Bad taste means? She was not a sweet dish, or any kind of dish for that matter!

Tongue : I didn't like her. She did not have a good heart at her disposal. I love people with good hearts. Besides, bad breath is not my problem anyway. Though your nose almost ended up doing suicide due to it.

Me : That doesn't make any sense!

Tongue : What's wrong with nose hating bad breath. Everybody like good things.

Me : I am not talking about nose here, oh my God (I had my head in my hands). I am talking about heart. Why do you have this special liking for heart? I mean there is no relation between you and heart.

Tongue : Oh I am afraid there is.

Me : What? (I wondered)

Tongue : I am heart's girl friend.

Me : What! (440 Volt DC struck me out of nowhere.) What the hell are you talking about? (I almost had a heart attack. I wasn't very proud of the choice of my heart!)

Tongue : Don't get me wrong. It's not the kind of affair you guys have. It's just that heart just loves me.

Me : Why would heart love you? (I wondered)

Tongue : Let me explain. See. If you want to win somebody's heart, the easiest way is to use your tongue.

Me : How? (I couldn't make out how to do that) Enlighten me please.

Tongue : You don't need to lick the heart of course. Oh my God, you are so dumb. You got to use the two most important properties of mine, that is, speech and taste. Say good things and render some refreshing flavours to savour, and the receiving person will do anything for you at first word.

Me : Oh God! You could have said it straight. You like twisting, don't you? (I smiled) Anyway, you speak so many words. I wonder what your favourite word is? 

Tongue : I love the pauses between the words.

Me : That is strange to hear from a tongue. I mean you talk all the time. Why would you love the pauses?

Tongue : Pauses raise causes, and words raise swords. How you place the words between the pauses is more important than the words themselves. Utterance of words without pause leads to incoherent speech. And incoherent speech my friend, is as good as having bite-less teeth. So before you open your mouth to speak next time, just take a pause to think. Don't just use your tongue when you speak. Man you are sane, need to use your brain also.

Me : Ah(I got surprised). So good to hear these words of wisdom from you. I will certainly use you carefully my dear friend (I smiled). And I hope you don't hate it when I use you to tease others?

Tongue : Oh certainly not. In fact I just love it. I am a naughty twirl (not girl!) you know. To tell you a secret, I also love the way you abuse your friends with love. I love the contradiction in it; it's very poetic. I wouldn't advice it to children though. Such poems are not tailor-made for children (It smiled!). Anyway, I gotta go, for I have to drive some saliva into the stomach. No time to taste (it meant waste of course) you see. I hope to see you again. 

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  1. I am glad to bring about the sixth installment of the Talk Series. I hope you enjoy it with the same love that you have enjoyed others. Use your fingertips (if not tongue) to comment here. :)

  2. very very nice post

  3. Anonymous says:

    Very Intriguing :)

  4. jahid says:

    Very nice Deepak Dir, thoroughly enjoyed :)

  5. Deepak, This conversation with the tongue is very interesting. And it has a strange feeling to talk with tongue and it helps us in conversing.
    You have brought the piece of wisdom in a nutshell by saying that we should think before speaking.
    And as always the dose of humor is in full measure, like tongue is heart's girlfriend etc. And the pun of taste waste is good. And now let me drive my saliva into stomach. he he
    Good one. Keep it coming... nose, ear, etc etc.

  6. a Rat says:

    very interesting..

  7. thank you Ran in Jan and universalrover for coming over and reading. I hope to see you guys again in these pages.

  8. Hello Jahid bhai, it is always great to see you here. I am glad that you loved the post.. Keep coming.. :)

  9. Hey KISLAYA.. If I have to promote the talk series on any level, I will have to make you the brand ambassador of this franchise.. :)

    Your thoughts echo with the sentiments of the writer perfectly. Thank you so much for having your wonderful thoughts here my dear friend.. See ya again. :)

  10. Thank you Rat for coming over and leaving your thoughts.. Glad you like it..

  11. Shwets says:

    Very interesting!! words of wisdom beautifully given with a touch of humour:)

  12. information mixed with humour..very nice indeed!

  13. Anonymous says:

    very nice post

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  14. very innovative series . Its a good read and also it discloses lot of facts about the organs. Loved this new style . Keep it up.

    Travel India

  15. Anonymous says:

    hmm as nice as b4 .. pink thanks to the tongue scraper wow !!yes and indeed tongue surely to be convinced to win heart!! nice post !! as b4 :)

  16. it's perhaps the 3rd blog I am reading after a big gap and i am loving it... nice one bro. Expecting more of your creativity in coming days.

  17. muni says:

    nice post.............

  18. R.Vyas says:

    Went through the series and enjoyed them all ! keep up with your unique style of writing :)

  19. Anonymous says:

    Very creative ! Liked it.

  20. That's quite a conversation. My tongue has only one complaint I guess, I take too many pauses :P

  21. Hello Deepak, a talk with yourself and every part.. was interesting. I couldn't stop reading. :)
    Don't know sir, if you take write on requests too.. :) But, would love to see a post written by you on A talk with my computer/laptop or mouse telling who could tell my future only if you ask. In this technical world this could be an interesting one too. :)
    your reply is awaited. Keep writing :)

  22. Dear Vidhi, so nice of you to drop by and leave such heart warming comments. :)

    And thts a wonderful idea you have suggested. I am not blogging very actively these days. But I will surely explore ur idea (wd ur name) in near future.. :)

  23. I would love to see that! :) I am a new blogger on Wordpress
    Your posts proves one thing for sure there are things to write about other than issues going on in the world. Keep writing :) I will wait for your next post sir..

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