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BREAKING NEWS..  After umpteen hundred thousand lakh crore years of secrecy, the secrets of heaven have finally been leaked. Secret cables of heaven have been made available to earth which will be exclusively hosted by The Original Poetry under its segment HeavenLeaks, thanks to a whistle-blower from heaven. I cannot divulge the name of the whistle-blower,  for you know what happen to whistle-blowers once they get recognized. Finding a safe embassy to save him from God might prove to be a difficult prospect for us!

Meanwhile, I know that you are getting impatient to see the first cable from heaven. After dithering over a lot of exciting and revealing cables, I thought it will be apt to start with something from where all of us got started. 

You guessed it right, we are going to get a peep into some of the interesting conversations between Adam and Eve, the grandest father and mother of all men and women. I have provided the narration for enriching your experience further. 

Well, I am not going to let you wait anymore. Here you go..

‘Adam’ Eve came running over to their large room in the heaven which was full of white curtains hanging everywhere. Adam was standing near the window, wearing a bright and long white gown, peering deep into the otherworldly bliss of heaven. He was apparently lost, somewhere in the charming and white mist floating freely in the atmosphere of heaven. The voice of Eve served to distract his aesthetic exercise a little as he swiveled around to see what Eve was up to.

‘Adam’ Eve said again as she reached close to him, gently placing her right palm over his left shoulder. She looked beautiful in her knee length pink frock.

‘Yes sweetheart’ smiled Adam. ‘What’s the matter?’

‘You are looking quite handsome today’ said Eve. ‘Good to see you well-dressed.’

‘You know what’ said Adam. ‘I miss those days we spent on earth.’

‘Yes I know’ Eve said. ‘You always preferred being well-naked than well-dressed.’

‘No, it’s not that' smiled Adam, blushing his way to bright red cheeks. 'I loved every single moment spent there. I miss roaming around in the garden with you.’

‘What do you miss the most?’ asked Eve, also placing her left palm on his left shoulder, coming even closer to him simultaneously.

‘The first kiss in the history of mankind’ said Adam. ‘That’s what I cherish the most. It was something else, something never felt by anyone before. Absolute bliss.’

‘Yes’ Eve peered deep into the blue eyes of Adam. ‘And it resulted into the birth of love bug that continues to infect people till date’ smiled Eve. ‘But I ruined everything by eating the fruit of sin. Had God not forgiven us, we might have landed in hell’ Eve said as the axis of her eyes dropped; the smile of her face gave way to a pale shadow as sulkiness took over. She withdrew her arms off him in sadness. It was evident that deep in her heart, she was still carrying the burden of her mistake.

‘We all do mistakes’ Adam held her by her cheeks, enveloping her face with the palm of his hands as he looked into her eyes with an unflinching stroke of love. ‘One mistake doesn’t make you a sinner’ said Adam. ‘And God couldn’t have placed her into hell even if he wanted.’

‘Why not?’ asked Eve.

‘Hell wasn't there at that time. Probably it was under construction’ smiled Adam, trying to blow away some dust from a blanket of pain that was too old to clean. ‘Why were you calling me by the way’ he said, distracting the attention of Eve from the topic.

‘Yeah, I almost forgot.’ Eve's eyes lit up once again in excitement.

‘What?’ Adam wondered what was it that made her forget her pain that quickly.

‘A new shopping mall has opened in heaven’ said Eve, beaming with joy and enthusiasm like a kid. 

‘You can't shop' Adam said. 'You know that your goodwill account was frozen by God after the fruit incident.’

‘But not yours’ Eve smiled with a naughty twinkle in her eyes. ‘You have to spend some of your goodwill for shopping’ Eve insisted as she grabbed him by his shoulders again.

‘But what about the budget?’ Adam withdrew his hands off her face immediately. His goodwill account was in grave danger!

‘I am the lady’ said Eve. ‘So you don’t worry about the budget. I’ll take care of that.’

‘But you have so many beautiful dresses. Why do you want to shop again?’ Adam said, arching his eyebrows in wonder.

‘Actually I want to purchase wedding dresses for both of us.’

‘What!’ Adam was taken by his greatest surprise. ‘What are you talking about?’

‘I was thinking that it is time we should get married.’ Eve said.

‘But why?’ Adam wondered. ‘Don’t you think we are a little late? We have 7 billion living children roaming on earth, not to talk about our children here in heaven’ said Adam. ‘Besides, I don’t quite like the concept of marriage. It has given way to the concept of divorce over the period of time. Marriage cannot unite two souls, nor divorce can separate them, it’s the love that matters.’

‘I don’t know anything’ said Eve. ‘I want to marry you. That’s it’ she insisted.

‘Okay’ Adam heaved a deep sigh. ‘But I will have to discuss it with God. I can’t do anything without his agreement.’

‘Great’ Eve said as she flaunted a big smile, and hugged him immediately. Adam just smiled, gently caressing her hairs with his fingers as she folded in his arms, wondering how it would be like for the first man of earth to become almost the last man to get married. He had to consult God anyway, for God is the father of man, and not child as one of the sayings would propagate. 

Stay tuned for more revealing cables...

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  1. I am really glad to introduce this new segment (Heavenleaks) on The Original Poetry. Hope you guys enjoy it as much I enjoyed formulating it.

  2. Ha ha ... so I know I am going to be hooked to this one like Katy and Dug...

    Hell was under construction!! An apt satire...

    please please put links on FB (if u have time on my wall pls)... I have become very busy offlate :(

  3. Wow Deepak, you have yet again come out with an interesting post.
    I am really looking forward to HeavenLeaks, nice and innovative concept.

    'Marriage cannot unite two souls, nor divorce can separate them, it’s the love that matters.’
    Very true, touching and beautiful lines.

  4. Hello Aparna. So good to see you after long time. Great to know that you are looking to get hooked to this series as well. You are always a treat to see. I will certainly put the links on fb my dear. :)
    See you again.

  5. Hey Kislaya. I knew you would love this idea, for you are someone who is all for innovative ideas. I am looking forward to put up some interesting and innovative concepts in this series. Please stay with me during this journey to heaven :)

  6. Bushra says:

    Heaven leak-that sounds interesting:)Very beautiful post, Looking forward for more posts....

  7. a Rat says:

    :) smiles.. i know am going to get hooked with this heavenleaks.. very interesting and an unique idea. :-)

  8. Hello Bushra.. Thanks for coming over and reading through. Even I am looking forward to formulate some innovative and interesting ideas. Stay tuned dear. :)

  9. Thank you A Rat (I would like to know your name though) for your support and encouraging words for this idea. I hope I will be able to fulfill the promise of the potential that this idea possesses. Many thanks for coming over and leaving those kind words dear. Keep coming. :)

  10. Lovely post . You have lot of innovation in your write ups. Amazing .Marriage cannot unite two souls, nor divorce can separate them, it’s the love that matters.’What a fact!!!!

    Marriage cannot unite two souls, nor divorce can separate them, it’s the love that matters.’

  11. Looks like you are going to give us a huge treat. All the best. And waiting...

  12. what a catchy title..it instantly brought me here!! and it was a treat to read this piece! will keep hopping back to know more...

  13. Anonymous says:

    haha whistleblowers of heaven hahaha good to see u well dressed hahahaha.. u r an absolute wonder ... 7 billion living children :D :D .. let me post the comment asap and laugh to the fullest !!

  14. OMG! Finally they will taste the most forbidden fruit - marriage. An interesting read, please keep me posted for the next part.

  15. Good One...
    Sreedev Soman @ KookyDom

  16. a Rat says:

    Hey Deepak, seems you haven't read the intro in my blog. i'd like you visiting my nibbling blog more often. btw, I am Rat aka Meera... see you there.. :-)

    A Rat's Nibble - Weightless

  17. Anjan Roy says:

    Hilarious...you just rocked man...great going marriage of adam and eve wow......!!!

  18. Such a different take....my cheecks are aching, I havent stopped laughing and blushing.....like the romance between the oldest couple

  19. Gayathree says:

    Katy and Dug.. all over again. :) I hope to stay tuned to heaven leaks! :)

  20. Hello Gayathree. So good to know that you still remember Katy and Dug. And by the way let me tell you, in case you are missing them, they are coming back again, very soon.. :)
    thanks for your wonderful words....

  21. Thank you Anjan, always good to hear from you, really glad you loved it. See you again my frnd.

  22. Hey Athenas, I am happy to have made you cheeks ache. :)
    Thanks for coming over buddy, and also for joining the blog. Seeya again.

  23. Sorry for reading the posts so late. I had to start from part 1 as I forget the details with time, sorry about that too. Ah! and this was such a fun read.

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