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As you know that heaven has been leaking off late, at least on the platform of The Original Poetry where the secret cables of heaven have been made available by an unnamed whistleblower from heaven. You must have read in the first cable that Adam(first man) was a little flustered about marriage proposal of Eve (first woman)and he decided to consult the matter with his father, that is, God. Here are the cables containing the conversation that happened between God and Adam.

‘Hello Father’ Adam called God from behind. It seemed like God was going somewhere, walking steadily on the misty floor of heaven. God, wearing a blue jeans and a white polo t-shirt, was pushing a large wheeled box like trolley ahead of him as he walked along. He turned around as soon as he heard the voice of Adam.

‘Hey Adam’ God smiled. ‘Long time since I saw you. Where have you been?’

‘Nowhere Father’ Adam said as he reached close to God. ‘Just the daily chores.’

‘You are looking odd today’ Adam flashed a weird look as he scanned the attire of God.

‘Oh thank you dear’ God said. ‘I have been struggling to keep pace with the latest fashion. But I am afraid you are much behind me in that regard.’ He smiled, taking a dig at the old fashioned gown of Adam. ‘How is Eve by the way? Haven’t seen her in long time.’

‘She is good’ Adam replied. ‘Too good for me in fact’ he joked. ‘Can I ask you a question Father?’

‘Be at ease my dear.’

‘Why women are so difficult to understand?’

‘Oh dear. You should have thrown some easy question at me son’ smiled God. ‘That’s a difficult one. I am afraid I am still working this out.’

‘What do you mean?’ Adam wondered.

‘I mean there is so much to them. They are powerful, mysterious, beautiful, ferocious, loving, warrior, caring, sometimes all at the same time. You can define a man in two lines but not a woman. Don’t ever forget, woman is the mother of man. I will suggest you to utilize your time in loving and respecting  rather than understanding them’ said God. ‘But why are you asking this question?’

‘I don’t know. Eve was asking me to get married to her.’

‘Oh dear’ God smiled. ‘What’s the problem then? You got any other girl friend?’ He joked.

‘No Father, but this is strange. I mean I am the oldest guy around. Only person, if I can call so, who is older than me is You only. How would it look for a man like me to get married? Besides, I don’t believe in marriages.’

‘Take it easy boy. I am still very young, then how can you ever get old’ smiled God. ‘Besides, there is no age bar to love someone. So there is no question of age being a barrier for getting married. And as far as the question of belief in marriage is concerned, remember one thing, loving is believing. The satisfaction that you can derive by becoming a reason for her smile is paramount and second to none.’

‘Do you want to say that I should get married?’ asked Adam.

‘Absolutely. Why not?’

‘Thank you Father for helping me with this dilemma.’ Adam expressed his gratitude to his father. 

‘Anytime Son' smiled God.

‘By the way Father’ interrupted Adam. ‘I was wondering if these white misty clouds of heaven are getting thinner and smaller’ said Adam, looking at the misty clouds floating freely in the atmosphere of heaven.

‘You are right’ nodded God. ‘I am afraid heaven warming is catching up with us.’

‘Heaven warming?’ Adam wondered. That was a new term to him.

‘Do you know about global warming?’ asked God.

‘No’ Adam replied astutely. To his credit, he was quite sure about his ignorance.

‘Oh Son, your current affairs is very weak’ God wasn't impressed with his ignorance though. ‘I will tell you about heaven warming some other day. I have to go somewhere right now.’

‘Why are you pushing the trolley yourself?’ Adam said, looking at the wheeled container. ‘You can use your powers to send it to its desired destination?’

‘I take pleasure in the joys of ordinary life’ said God. ‘I must tell you a secret today. Ordinary is never ordinary. It’s a pity that people realize the importance of those small ordinary things only after acquiring great powers, losing a crucial aspect of a blissful life in the process, a thing what you and me call as ordinary.’

‘That sounds so true’ reflected Adam. ‘Where are you going by the way?’

‘I am going to the headquarter of hell. I have to meet the administrator of hell there’ said God. ‘You want to come? Want a test ride of hell?’ joked God.

‘No thanks’ Adam smiled, raising both his hands upwards. ‘But why are you going there?’ Adam wondered.

‘I have some business there’ said God. ‘Actually they are facing population overload and consequent resource crunch. They want some help from me.’

‘Why would you help in the affairs of hell?’ Adam was surprised to hear that. ‘I mean heaven is where you belong’ said Adam.

‘Oh Son, you are so ignorant. I will talk to you about all these things later’ said God. ‘But I’ll say just two things for now. First, I do not belong anywhere, for everywhere belongs to me. And second, balance is the most important ingredient of any system, big or small, living or non-living, earthly or Godly’ He signed off as he continued his walk to the headquarters of hell.

Stay tuned for more revealing cables...

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  1. I am glad to post the second cable of the HeavenLeaks series. I really hope that you guys enjoy it as much as the first one, if not more. :)

    Take time to register your opinion. :)

  2. Loved it, despite the anachronism.

  3. I always Enjoy your post.
    This one is very insightful indeed.

    I really liked the way you have tried to understand woman in the post, good for you! :P

    'The satisfaction that you can derive by becoming a reason for her smile is paramount and second to none.' I just loved these lines and there is so much to it than it seems.

    The concept of 'heaven warming' was really a good analogue to global warming, as always you have come out with an innovative concept of great parlance!

    'Ordinary is never ordinary.' these lines are so profound. Small things matter much.

    'I do not belong anywhere, for everywhere belongs to me. And second, balance is the most important ingredient of any system, big or small, living or non-living, earthly or Godly'-
    the conclusion for 2nd part of heaven leaks has left a lasting impact on the reader's mind. Very true even for us humans, if we think like this world will become a much better place to live!

    Keep the wonderful work flowing and leaking :) :P

  4. I have nominated you for liebster blog award :)

  5. a Rat says:

    Balance is very important in any system.. so true.. loved the way you put it.. staying tuned for more.. :-)

  6. This is indeed getting "curiouser and curiouser" as Alice said.

  7. Soham Roy says:

    Quite fresh...God in blue denims and polo tees..trying to be in pace with fashion...loved that part..projecting God as a dude residing amidst us lesser mortals :)

  8. Hey Kislaya. I always look forward for your feedback on anything I write, for your are someone who reads like a writer, analysing the smallest thing to greatest detail. I am really really glad to see that you have pointed out so many things. Pleasure having you dear, ALWAYS. :)

  9. Hello Meera (a Rat.. Good to know your name).. Thank you so much dear for coming over and taking time to reflect your thoughts. I am so glad seeing you in these pages. I am planning to come over your page sooner than later (very busy nowadays). I am looking forward to interact with you a lot more in coming days. Thanks again for visiting dear. :)

  10. Hello Umashankar ji. Your opinion is always admirable, for you are someone whom I admire immensely. Thank you so much for coming over and leaving those kind words. :)

  11. Hello Matheikal ji. It is a great sight indeed to see you following this series, for I see you as an insightful individual, and I admire you for that. Glad to see that I was able to carve out some curiosity out of you. Keep coming over for more. :)

  12. Hello Soham.. Welcome to the blog and good to know that you found the post as refreshing and innovative, just what I wanted it to be. I am glad to see you here and will hope to find you in these pages a bit more often. :)

  13. Uppal says:

    Great!!! All the homilies are inspiring.

  14. jahid says:

    Wonderful Deepak Sir, as always. It's becoming quite difficult for God to balance the situation. Already more than 70% of heaven is turned into hell. God is so tensed now a days that He's not able to concentrate on his daily activities. His performance degraded beyond imagination.

  15. Anjan Roy says:

    Loved the preachings of god...missed the first part as i was off for a month or so...but it's time i should read it as well...lovely...!!!

  16. Deepak

    I am really sorry I am reading it quite late (Normally this doesn't happen.. I am usually among the first readers.. well that shows my eagerness to read your stories)

    Thank you so much for sharing you are an amazing writer! So I loved the bit where God is saying he is still working on understanding women!!

    Philosophical- yes ordinary and simple things are sometimes most significant ones!! your style of write is an example...simple ye deep yet engaging... filled with strong small simple messages of life...

    And so people like me (I-dont-have-time-to-breathe types) are sitting taking little time out for your blog (only and only 1 blog!)

  17. Hello Aparna. Better late than never :) I'll be the first to admit that I was waiting for your feedback, for you have been a source of motivation behind my first story (katy and dug) and I always cherish your presence in these pages. You have showered so much praise on me that I can't help but smile. Thanks dear for your kind and encouraging words and continued support, for that is something that forces me to write better and come up with some innovative ideas. Can't thank you enough APARNA. So good to see you, always. :)

  18. Hello Uppal mam. I am really glad to know that you found it inspiring. Many thanks for coming. :)

  19. Thank you Jahid. It is always nice to see you here. I am really happy that you loved this one too. God must be tensed these days. Indeed. :)

  20. Hello Elee. I am so grateful to you for visiting and reading through. Please take time for another visit. :)

  21. Hey Anjan. So nice to see you after a long lay off. I guess you were too busy. I am glad to see that you have read both the parts of heavenleaks and loved them too. See you again brother. :)

  22. This website is the finest quality website.I’m Awaiting your next one performs.

  23. Even God can't figure women and I so loved how you concluded that conversation. Respect and love women. There are some beautiful messages in this story, from global warming to enjoying the ordinary things. Beautiful read, waiting for the next part.

  24. Anonymous says:

    wow!!!!no words....liked it...

  25. Yes, the balance theory stayed with me from this part.

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