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I am sorry to have come up with the third part of HeavenLeaks so late, life is so busy you know. Those who don't know, let me tell you that the secrets of heaven have been leaking (by a secret whistle-blower) on the platform of The Original Poetry. Welcome to Cable 3 of HeavenLeaks. As you know that, after having solved the problem of Adam, God was heading to the headquarters of hell to meet the administrator of hell, let us see what's happening in hell.

God, with his enclosed trolley of raw materials, had reached the headquarters of hell. The door of headquarters of hell was open; it was half the height of God (God was/is good six foot five) and God had to bend half his length to enter the headquarters of hell. He bent with some difficulty, pushing his trolley inside the gate, and entered the headquarters of hell. 

'Hello Father' said the administrator of hell, who was sitting quietly in his wooden chair inside a small cabin inside the door. He was fat and plump with a nice and bushy mustache.  The headquarter of hell was rather small, barely providing the space for two chairs, one table in between, and the trolley that God had brought to hell.

'Hello Imtiaz Kumar Decousta' God said to the administrator of hell who was pleasantly surprised to see the presence of God in hell. 'I told you last time to increase the space of your headquarter. I always face trouble getting inside the headquarter. You know I am too tall for it.'

I know Father' said the administrator. 'But you know how the real estate business is flourishing in hell, people are dying to come here, and no more land is available at affordable prices' he said. 'Anyway Father, I again request you to please change my name, it's rather weird. People who come here after dying laugh at me, you have to do something' he pleaded.

'Oh Imtiaz, why do you take them so seriously. You already know why I named you so' said God. 'I created humans, and then, they created me, gave me different names, divided me into sects and religions, pitted me against myself, used me as a bait to serve their interests, even killed in my name. You are blessed my dear, for you don't have a peculiar name, so you don't have to defend the identity attached to that name. You are neutral. You don't have to take sides. You know what's the first thing that happens when you take sides?' asked God.

'What?' wondered Imtiaz.

'You miss the other side' reasoned God. 

'I agree Father. But you could have given me some other neutral name, like Amar Akbar Anthony' argued Imtiaz.

'I see you are an Amitabh Bachchan fan, but Imtiaz Kumar Decousta is not such a bad name' reasoned God.

'Okay Father, I don't complain for the name' said Imtiaz. 'But I wonder why don't you transfer the hell to earth. I mean it's the same here. Where is the need to run a separate hell?'

'What do you mean?' wondered God.

'Humans are already running a hell on earth. They cut the trees to make currency, cultivate tobacco to burn lungs, make wars to negotiate peace, even have more firepower than hell in the form of nukes. Then where is the need to run a separate hell. You can transfer the  authority of hell to the humans and give me some other pleasant job in heaven' argued Imtiaz.

'I agree with your point of view' said God. 'But let's wait for some more time. I am still waiting for the man to revert from its path of anarchy, selfishness and gluttony.'

'As you wish my Lord, though I don't understand the logic behind it' said Imtiaz. 'Anyway, have you brought the oil? There is real shortage of oil in hell. I wonder if I have to find some other form of punishment other than frying them' he argued.

'I have brought the oil as you had demanded' said God. 'But why are you not producing oil in the hell anymore?'

'How do I produce oil in hell?' said Imtiaz. 'All the farmers are going to heaven, and all I have in the hell are the industrialists and high income tax paying people. I am not running a corrupt government here. They don't even know the ABCD of farming. They have spent their lives exploiting the farmers. And now that they have come to hell, I am wondering how to exploit their talent of exploiting the poor, for the poorest one I find here is me only. '

'It makes me feel real sad watching such pathetic condition of hell. Even heaven is facing many problems due to irresponsible and selfish behaviour of humans. I am afraid the time has come to fix an appointment with the man. Answers have to be given, for they can not be ignored anymore' said God. 'Don't you worry Imtiaz, I am going to arrange a meeting with man real soon.'

Stay tuned for more cables...


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  1. I am so glad to have come up with the third installment of HeavenLeaks. I hope you love it as you have loved the first two. :)

  2. Yes.. Deepak we waited long...but that was worth a wait!! As the plot is getting mature, the story is becoming more sensible and thought provoking! Its a perfect satire on humanity .... loved the bit when God said to hell admin (Imtiaz) 'you are neutral'..... While God has been divided!! ...sin and satan remains neutral.

    Oh Its an amazing concept!! I hope part four comes little sooner....

    Deepak... Doctori Chhodo Lekhak ban jao... (There are so many good doctors in India but very few good writers...)

  3. This part actually speaks the truth. How we have stooped and how much false our claims are...War for peace was the best line. How sad it is to witness the fall of humanity. I loved this part for the sheer depth it carries.

  4. Hey Aparna. You are a real treat to have here everytime. I am really really glad that you are loving it. Though I compiled this part in a bit of hassle, but it's good to know that it worked. Thank you so much for your kind words my dear friend. You are really kind in your words, always give much more than I deserve.

    Jahan tak lekhak banne ki baat hai, you will get an update soon on fb. :)

  5. Hey Saru, glad to have you again my dear. You are right my friend, humanity is falling to new levels, got to have some kind of revolution to save it, or it will extinct soon, leaving only animals to eat its carcass. Thank you so much for your thought provoking insight and analysis.

    I'll see you again. :)

  6. A nice thought provoking read indeed.......

  7. muni says:


  8. An incredible post! I wish to act as tbe private secretary to God for free to help Him punish man for his proclivties. Thanks for your compassion.

  9. Anonymous says:

    wat a dig at the social evil !! Mind blowing !! Hats off to you Deepak Sir ji !!
    a parallel hell is actually here on earth ... !!
    the explanation of admin of hell on not being able to produce oil was fabulous.
    loved it thoroughly !

  10. well written...force to wear a thinking cap..:)

  11. Really awesome story. Your writing style is good.

  12. Why need a separate hell when we have hell here?

    This post is face up with reality.

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