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kuch der sahi
tu aagosh mein to aa
mujh mein sama ke
haule se muskura

kyun dubak ke khada hai,
bol kyu itna dara hai
kya kahin koi vipda hai,
ya koi vichar umda hai
sannate ko chhod,
khanakti awaaz ke beech aa
kuch der sahi,
tu aagosh me to aa..

tu keh tere shareer par,
naya josh main mal du
tu keh tere asmaa ko,
tere pasand ki chadar se dhak du
keh de tu mujhko,
kaise hans jayega
keh de tu mujhko,
kaise khud se mil payega
andhere ko chahna chhod de,
zara ujale se dil laga
kuch der sahi
tu aagosh me to aa..

by Naina Sharma


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  1. I am very glad to welcome the very talented Naina Sharma to the club of guest writers on The Original Poetry. And what a deep, meaningful and aesthetic poem to start with. I couldn't have asked for more; it's beautiful Naina. You are welcome to this space with a warm heart.. :)

  2. Anonymous says:

    Nice read...Reading it in Hindi makes it more beautiful

  3. Thanx for the encouragment..

  4. Lovely. Naina I would be looking forward to more from you.

  5. bushra M says:

    Wow! Indeed a very soothing and Romantic piece! :)

  6. Anonymous says:

    Beautiful lines !!

  7. beautiful poem loved it

  8. Thank u all...
    You likes will help me to take out some more gems frm the sea of wrds..

  9. jahid says:

    excellent Naina Ji !

  10. Not a great follower of Poetry, but the Hindi English was a real treat.. Loved it..

  11. Such a beautiful poem Naina.

  12. I m also a part of indiblogger...pls do add me..if u like to read more stuffs..

  13. Pramod says:

    Hi Naina !
    This poetry has been wonderfully written and after a long time i got to read such a beautiful poetry .Thanks for sharing it with us .


  14. Hey naina u have amazing talent . bless on u

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