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‘Gosh you haven’t been working out for quite some time. You will get out of shape’ I asked to myself with disgust as I took a minute off from my so called own life, taking a little walk on my balcony, a place where most of us find solace from our hectic work schedules, a place where walking meant two steps forward, and another two steps forward in opposite direction; backward is a word that we are not allowed to use in this tremendous age of supersonic missiles. I got no answer from myself, I wondered if my mind was not reachable, but I was standing on the third floor, if anything could reach there with some ease, it was supposed to be the signal, then why the hell was my mind not responding!!

They say brain is the most perfect computer in the world, the ultimate machine one could think of; that is why they are doing some researches to simulate brain activity by the fastest supercomputers they possess, Hollywood has already achieved this feat by creating some highly destructive machine war movies! Anyway, it was time for me to find the answer of my question from my mind, and if brain was a computer, retrieving data from it had to be a matter of searching, oops... search engines rather I should say.  

So I opened the search engine of my mind as I looked keenly on my mindscreen browser, www.mind.com it was.   ENTER

Mindscreen: This page cannot be displayed. The content of this page has been transferred to www.dontmind.com

‘What the hell!!! When did it happen? Don’t you think I should get informed of the container my grey matter is being put into?’ I yelled at the mindscreen in disbelief, wondering why it did not inform me of the same; and what kind of name it was, dontmind! ‘Come on I could have suggested a better one’ I yelled again. I wasn’t particularly happy with the development; nevertheless, I had to type the new address of my mind on the browser.  [www.dontmind.com] ENTER  

Mindscreen: Welcome to your mind. Press enter if you are 18 year old. Some adult content might be there inside the mind.

There was little I could say to that, besides, I was/am an adult too, so I just pressed the desired buttonENTER

And finally, my mind was open right in front of my eyes. All I needed to do now was to search the information I was looking for. But before searching for any other information, I thought it would be better if I gather some more information about my own mind, for it was turning increasingly alien to me, and I didn’t want to see a day when I don’t have access to my own mind. So I typed...  [MindENTER  

Mindscreen: Please mind the gap

‘Oh come on! I wasn’t looking for the directions of the metro lady.’  NEXT  

Mindscreen: Do you mind if I come closer to you, much closer...

‘I am not looking for my first girlfriend either. What's going on here..’  NEXT

Mindscreen: Mind your own business you ****ing mindless loser.

‘Who the hell dared to talk to me like that?’ Any information like that would have infuriated even a cool minded person, and by the measure of some pretty average standards, I could be considered as reasonably hot! I immediately clicked on the information for more details.

Mindscreen: Your first boss. 3 years 22 days 52 minutes ago.

‘I thought my first boss fired me without any alarmingly abusive verbals.’ I wondered why I didn’t remember anything about it. May be my mind suppressed the humiliation of my verbal molestation to preserve my self esteem. Anyway, it was not the information I was looking for; I had to search for some particular information about my mind to get a proper response. So I typed.. [When was the last time I searched my mindENTER 

Mindscreen: Searching...

‘Oh come on make it quicker.’

Mindscreen: Searching...

‘Dig deeper man. I must have talked to myself at some point of time?’

Mindscreen: Bingo! 12 years 364 days 23 hours ago.

‘No man, that is almost 13 years ago. How is it possible? I didn’t even realize it.’ I was really disappointed to hear that I had just spent 13 years of my life without thinking about myself. As it turned out, I was making a life for the very self I wasn’t able to talk to. I had to type a critical question now..  [‘What did I search for last time?’]  ENTER

Mindscreen: Do I really love my class teacher?’

‘Oh come on man, I couldn’t have found a more worthless issue to trouble my mind.’ Disappointment was a lighter word to explain my feelings. Nevertheless, I had some more questions to ask, so I continued typing..  [Most important thing about mind that I knowENTER 

Mindscreen: Don’t lose your mind before finding your feet.’  Science teacher said to you in class IX.

‘But that’s what I have been doing from the time my conscious memory recollects’ I wondered. ‘You never really find your feet in 21st century, do you? Gotta keep walking forward’ I asked to myself. I had to confirm this question, so I typed..  [How many yards more before I find my feet?ENTER 

Mindscreen: Searching...

‘Gotta find it somewhere!’

Mindscreen: Searching...

‘Oh give me a number. 1 yard, 2 yard, what...’

Mindscreen: No number for the question. Just a word, ‘Graveyard.’

‘Ah, that’s great. Keep finding your feet till you die’ I wondered if it was possible not to lose our mind till that time. I doubted if I had already lost it. I was asking myself whether I chose my work, or my work chose me. Was it development or regression? Was it a human mind that I possessed or it was just another high-tech machine I was working with? I had asked enough embarrassing questions for one day, and I wasn’t worried about my physical workout schedule anymore.

You must be wondering, what did I do after that?

Well, I signed off my mind, and got back to the work...!!! 


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  1. Long time since I wrote something. Hope you find it worth reading :)

  2. "where walking meant two steps forward, and another two steps forward in opposite direction; backward is a word that we are not allowed to use in this tremendous age of supersonic missiles." - Superb! :D

  3. haha hilarious this was...superkool

  4. jahid says:

    Aree Deepak Sir, long time. Back with a bang. Interesting read!

  5. Hey Sakshi, welcome to the blog dear. I am thoroughly pleased to hear that you loved your first read. I hope to see you around dear.. :)

  6. Hi Shilpi.. Nice to have a supercool individual like you on these pages. Thank you so much for your kind words, and do drop here more often. take care :)

  7. Jahid bhai ab kya batayein, life is so full of work (as you can sense from this post). But I am glad that I have friends like you who always read me no matter long I take to write'em. Thanks a million my friend.. :)

  8. Thanks for sharing the link... I so knew I needed a break so when I got the link I ordered Tapioca chips ... got myself one hot cup of lemon tea and minimized the ppt I have been working on (read looking at) since morning.... I so knew I wont be disappointed...

    And what a break!!I may have put on some calories (thanks to chips and sugar heavy tea)..but I am fresh, you are amazing and you never disappoint us...

    I may want to log in your mind sometime and see from where you get these ideas!

    Keep writing... Job, No Job, Stress No Stress... whatever... if you stop writing its will be a loss.. NEVER DO THAT (I mean it)

  9. Interesting journey I must say.
    Made a great read after the initial confusing moments.

  10. This is amazing .. Seriously Funny :) and yes yr imagination is superb .. full marks

  11. Hey Aparna. thanks for coming over mate. Your presence is always heatwarming, and i do cherish it, always.

    WWeight or no weight, a cup of tea is always welcome, more the sugar, more the better.. :)

    I struggle to churn out ideas out of my mind. Believe me, you don't want to get in there :)

    thank you so much my frnd, for your kind and generous feedback, you are always an inspiration. Thanks a MILLION. :)

  12. Hmm! Mindfull conversations. Good post, you could have called it: The Mind Returns.....

  13. After a long time Deepak----well said!

  14. Anonymous says:

    Brainy talks ? hahaha i always keep it aside .. :D it is always a pleasure reading you Deepak !

  15. Good introspection, Deepak. Thanks for adding me to your list.

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