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I can now say that I am okay.
The journey of two seasons has ended today.
I’ve pined for the familiar while I fought in the fray.
I’ll reach home ‘fore the sky perpetuates the grey.

I was away for a while and I am surprised,
To see my home diminutive in size.
All the picture frames missing, leaving markings, besides,
The faucet’s leaking, the plaster’s peeling inside.

My friends have all left, my family has disappeared.
They are coming to pass, the things I have feared.
The ill-behoved fury my enemies endeared,
my enemies are no more, the fury has endured.

My aching bones attest to toil.
They tell the story of a self-inflicted foil.
I have sat, meditated, and observed a while,
the churning brine, broth, and bile.

I’m ready to pass the blame,
a little bit against everyone’s name.
Point fingers, than hurt my pride,
For the pattern chance and choice connived.

It’s dark outside, I cannot leave.
I have baggage and the looters loot the bereaved.
The night murmurs, ‘I’ll be gone’ — the constant refrain.
With the morning I’ll be gone again.

                                                            - by Aniket Jawale (Guest Writer)


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  1. Hello NiK J. I am very glad to include this beautiful composition on my blog, and I welcome you to the team of guest writers. Though I am closing down the submit section very soon, but like all the existing guest writers, you can mail me your composition for publishing on The Original Poetry and I'll be more than happy to have somebody as talented as you on this platform anytime.

    Moving on to this poem. I must say that I loved this right from the onset. You have a very different style, and I thoroughly enjoyed that. A very sober, deep and meaningful composition essayed in a very subtle way. Superb. See you again. :)

  2. A moving poem. The constant fight of inner vs outside and to calm down your dilemma is reflected powerfully in this verse. Good you have quality writers in your team, Deepak.

  3. Namrata says:

    Beautiful lines..reminds me home!!!

  4. Aniket Jawale (Nik J) says:

    Hello Deepak, Saru, and Namrata. Thank you for the praise. I hardly deserve it. Thank you, Deepak for publishing my poem on your fantastic blog. I'm experiencing first-hand the trials and tribulations an up-and-coming writer has to go through. It's a tough world out there. But your blog is doing a commendable job of providing a platform for new (and established) writers to get their work noticed and read and garner an audience. For a poet, knowing that your poetry is being read is a source of unbridled happiness. Much obliged.

  5. लाजवाब भाव लिए ...

  6. jahid says:

    Nice composition. But Deepak Sir, really missing Ur humor posts :)

  7. Hello Jahid bhai, really gud to know that you're missing by troubled sense of humour. :) I think I'll come up with one soon.

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