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As you know that heaven has been leaking off late, at least on the platform of The Original Poetry where the secret cables of heaven have been made available by an unnamed whistleblower from heaven. Moving on to the next cable from heaven, today, we are going to reveal some other classified secrets exclusively for you. Here again, the story begins from the house of Adam & Eve. So let us not wait. Here we go...

Adam was sitting comfortably on his white reclining chair placed at the center of the big drawing room of his house which was full of white curtains all around. He was wearing an old fashioned cream coloured gown. He was deeply engrossed in reading the business page of Heaven's Times which was the official newspaper of heaven.

As his eyes crawled sluggishly through the business page, Eve rushed towards him from the other room. She threw her hands around him from behind the chair as she came close, garlanding him in captivating quod of her beautiful arms. But to her greatest surprise, Adam looked least perturbed by her boldly highlighted and inescapable display of affection.

‘So now this newspaper has become more important to you than me’ she was not amused by Adam’s inattentive behaviour, and it was clearly reflected on the glaring veil of sarcasm that enveloped her tone. After all, she remained the first wife in the world, and the way she had responded to Adam’s inattention, she must have surely transmitted some of those ‘wife-genes’ to the later generations!

‘Oh, when did you come, sweeeetheart?’ Adam immediately turned back as he pulled back the receding arms of Eve. He knew right away that he had to compensate for his non-bailable criminal offense, and to further his case for clemency, he poured some extra sweet in the articulation of the word ‘sweetheart’.

‘Huh’ Eve threw her head to the left side in what looked like an outright refusal of his lame excuse. Two extra ees’ that he served were not going to suffice it seemed.

‘Actually, I was shocked to know about the economy of heaven’ said Adam as he made yet other naive attempt to distract her attention.

‘Why, what happened?’ Adam was successful this time as Eve responded positively to his unassuming distraction. After all, it was related to her budget, and even more so, her shopping.

‘Heaven economy has struck a recession. The value of goodwill is falling every day. It struck a record low yesterday. The governor of Reserve Bank of Heaven has called upon all the heaven mates to spend their goodwill miserly and meticulously, for only few loans will be granted, that too at very high interest rates.’

‘Oh my God’ said Eve. ‘How will we conduct our marriage then?’ She had reason to be worried; her much belated and grand plan to finally get married to her man was in grave jeopardy.

‘May I come in?’ Suddenly a voice caught their attention along with the knock on the door.

‘I am really sorry to disturb you guys, but it is so urgent you know’ said Indra, the god of rain, as he entered inside the house even before Adam or Eve could react to his request. There was no lock system in the doors of heaven.

‘What happened?’ asked Adam as he stood up from his chair.

‘Actually I am in dire need of some goodwill. My power to shower rains on earth is not functioning properly. Sometimes it’s raining floods, and other times it is running dry causing draught. Doctor said that it has been infected by climate change.’

‘What?’ Adam found it just a bit hard to believe. "Isn’t there any treatment?"

‘There is one' answered Indra. 'I have to transfer some of my wisdom to humans so that they could think rationally & reverse their undesirable actions. But a lot of goodwill expenditure is required for this operation to be performed. So I came to you to borrow some’ he said to Adam, conveying both, his treatment & motive, in the briefest manner possible.

‘But what happened to your goodwill?’ asked Adam.

‘I have lost a lot of goodwill due to this climate change thing. Innocent and ignorant farmers think that I am betraying their faith by not raining their fields properly. They are not aware that it is due to the actions of their fellow humans. And suddenly, from a mentor, I have become a tor-mentor for them. Many of them have stopped worshiping me. As a result, the supply of fresh goodwill in my account is very thin. In fact, I am living dangerously close to the poverty line at the moment.’

‘See. I understand your problem. But even I need to borrow some goodwill for my marriage. I have to spend the little goodwill that I have very judiciously because Eve’s account was bolted by God after the fruit accident. So basically, I am the only goodwill earner in the house.’

‘Let’s go then’ said Indra after thinking for a while. ‘I have a plan.’

‘What?’ wondered Adam. ‘Where?’

‘To the house of Gelos, the Greek God of Laughter.’

‘But why?’

‘For two good reasons. First, because he makes people laugh, he must have a lot of goodwill in his account. We can borrow some from him.’

‘And second?’ asked Adam.

‘Doctor told me that laughter is the best medicine, though he doubted that it might not work for this infection. But there is no bad in trying.’

‘But why are you taking me?’ said Adam. ‘I mean you can go alone.’

‘Don’t you need the loan?’ argued Indra. ‘Actually it is difficult to get loan if you are a bachelor which fortunately I am, so it will be good if you accompany me. My image is not so good in the heaven anyway, you know apsaras and all.’

‘I think you are right’ said Adam. ‘Not so much about the image, but certainly about the fact that I desperately need some loan’ he recognized the importance of loan for his immediate future, for he knew that there was no way Eve was going to postpone the plan of marriage. 'Let's go.'

And without much delay, both Adam & Indra left for the house of Gelos. All their hopes of getting a soft loan were hinging delicately on the famed sense of humour of Gelos, the Greek God who was notorious for welcoming his guests with a liberal dose of what was widely known as the best medicine in heaven, that is, laughter.

To Be Continued...

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  1. I had to take time to write this part after many of my blogger friends asked me to. I hope I did a decent job in fulfilling your expectations.

    I am already half done with its next part, so I guess you'll not have to push me that much for the next part. :)

  2. Just read all of the parts..and I loved it..
    Waiting for the next part sir..:)

  3. Thank you so much Deepak..it was worth a wait!! the story is becoming better every day ... yeah I know I am being repetitive in my comments now... but then... you have only few words to define something which keep exceeding expectation every-time!.. As in all your writings this too (the entire series till now)is deep armed with painful truths camouflaged in subtle humor... It hurt and tickle us both at the same time!... you are Deepak very close to being Harshankar Parsai... please never give up writing please

    So Good to hear that next part will be coming soon

  4. Hello Karan. Thank you taking the time to go through all the parts in one go. I am really glad that you loved it. Also, welcome to The Original Poetry & thank you for becoming a cherished member. See you again :)

  5. Hey Aparna, I always cherish having you here for a lot of good reasons. It is from friends like you that I derive the inspiration & excitement to write. And if write in spite of the lack of leisure time in my life, it is largely because of friends like you.

    And you did not need to say anything after Harishankar Parsai, I was already blown away by then. :)

    Hopefully, I will come up with net part in 3-4 days.. Thanks again pal :)

  6. jahid says:

    Excellent Deepak Sir:) thoroughly enjoyed. Liked the image thing "you know apsaras and all" :)

  7. I started with the fourth part. It seems interesting. Now I'll go back and read the previous ones. Keep writing.

  8. There is so much of depth in the post. Though it is a reminder of our wrong deeds too. BTW, the way you have incorporated goodwill in the narration is just amazing. And, I can't stop laughing at Adam committing non-bailable offense.

    Please keep me posted with next part and post it soon...

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