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Welcome to cable 5 of HeavenLeaks, a place where the classified secrets of heaven are being disclosed. Let us see what we have today.

Struck by the recession in heaven, Adam, the first man & Indra, the god of rain arrived at the doorstep of Gelos, the Greek god of laughter, hoping to get the much needed loan from the latter. This was the first time they were meeting him, though they had heard about him quite a lot. Let u see what happened.

Knock knock.. Adam knocked the door of the house of Gelos. He read the quote written on the door as he knocked it gently, ''cry at your own risk.''

Knock knock.. He thumped the door again after a brief a period of no response.

Suddenly, a lady opened the door, flashing a eye catching smile as she made way for the guests to come in. She was beautiful to say the least, with lean built, long face and milky white teeth that she kept on flashing for no obvious reason. ''You are most welcome'' she said gently.

Adam and Indra looked at each other with bewilderment as they had no idea about who she was. But before they could initiate a talk with the lady, arrived into the room a big man with a big belly, big moustache and, well.. big mouth!

''O ho ho ho ho ho, see who is there in our house. O ha ha ha ha ha ha, so pleasant to have you here gentlemen'' it was with a strong cocktail of words and laughter that he welcomed his befuddled guests. Of course it was Gelos.

''he he'' Indra laughed hesitantly and briefly in response; he didn't know how to reciprocate to such weird welcome.

''O ho ho ho ho ho, so nice, ha ha ha ha ha'' Gelos sandwiched just two little words in between to give a little tang to his outrageous laugh.

Adam and Indra looked at each other in wonder.

''Oh, I forgot to introduce you to my wife, smile'' said Gelos.

Adam and Indra acknowledged the request of Gelos as they presented their widest grin to him, one that was unusually long to qualify as a smile.

''Oh no no no. Her name is Smile. Ho ho ho, I  love it when there is confusion. You guys are so funny'' said Gelos as he burst into laughter yet again.

''Oh yes'' Adam cleared his throat as he receded the curve of his lips just a bit, presenting a much abbreviated version of smile this time. 'Hello' he said to Gelos' wife. 

''I married to her recently'' said Gelos. ''Though I loved her for a long time, it was love at first laugh" he laughed again. "Anyway, I will not bore you out with my love story. Please be seated'' he extended his left hand to the direction of a round table that was placed nearby.

And everybody got seated on the chairs around the round table.

''So, what brought you here gentlemen?''

''Tell us about yourself. I mean how you became the god of laughter'' said Adam; it was an attempt to avert the question as he didn't want to talk about the loan straightaway.

''Ah, it's an old story ha ha ha, quite an old story I have to say'' said Gelos.

''Oh please, we would like to listen'' insisted Indra.

''That's my pleasure'' said Gelos. ''Actually I was just a supervisor in heaven. Just like any other big discovery, I discovered this fantastic phenomena of laughter by accident.''

''How?'' Adam asked with curiosity.

''One fine morning, I was sleeping under an apple tree when an apple fell from the tree. It dropped on my belly and tickled some nerves there. And suddenly, a strange abrupt laughter was produced. That was the first ever laughter in the history of time.''

''That is quite interesting'' said Adam. ''I thought Newton was the first victim of apple.''

''Oh no no'' replied Gelos. ''He was the third.''

''Third?'' wondered Adam.

''Yes, second was Eve, your wife.''

''Ah'' cringed Adam. ''How can I forget that unfortunate accident'' he said. ''Anyway what happened thereafter?'' Curiosity was building up as far as Adam was concerned.

''Initially I got anxious due to that laughter, it was most unusual thing to ever happen to me'' said Gelos. ''I thought it was some sort of disease. But the fact that it was pleasing in a strange way made me try to reproduce it.''

''So, did you reproduce it?'' asked Indra.

''Nope'' said Gelos. ''It didn't just occur again. I kept on trying for a long time after that accident, but every single time, I fell long.''

''What?'' wondered Indra.

''Let us say, I fell short by a long distance, ha ha ha'' said Gelos as he laughed out loud.

''What happened then?'' asked Adam, for him, the story was getting interesting.

''Then, I invented an instrument to create, rather extract laughter.''

''What did you invent?'' wondered Adam.

''Well, I invented Joke'' said Gelos.

''Wow, I can't wait to know about the first joke.''

''You wouldn't be surprised to know that first joke that I devised was silent'' said Gelos.

''Silent!'' wondered Adam. 'How?'

''Well, where apples don't work, bananas do'' said Gelos.


''Exactly. I placed a banana peel secretly on the floor of heaven so that somebody placing step on it could fall accidentally. I suspected that it could evoke a laugh.''

''What happened then?''

''Then I waited for many days for somebody to step on it, but nobody managed to do so. After a long wait, somebody who was most unexpected stepped on the historic banana peel.''

''Who?'' Adam couldn't wait to hear the name.

''Incidentally, the first joke ever was played on our Father, the GOD'' said Gelos.

''What?'' Adam couldn't believe that.

''Yes. I was also surprised. But my surprise didn't last long, for as soon as Father stepped on to the banana and fell, I went absolutely crazy and kept on laughing for days and weeks. It took a long time for me to stop and control that laughter. And slowly, I learned to laugh without the help of jokes. And after I learned everything, I went to the Father to tell him about my accomplishment and about why I had placed that banana there. But He congratulated me even before I could tell him. And He told me to always remember that 'you have everything in you, for you can't discover anything that you don't possess yourself'."

'What does it mean? You didn't have laughter before, nobody had, but you still discovered it.''

"That's what I asked'' said Gelos. ''He told me that I had sense of humour,  I just wasn't aware of it. And you know what, I think He helped me by stepping on that banana deliberately.''

''Why would he do that?'' wondered Adam. ''I mean he would have produced laughter himself if He wanted to'' he argued.

''God is mysterious, and so are his ways. He wants us to do great things, without even making us notice that he is watching and helping us in every single moment.''

''Indeed He is mysterious, and good thing is that He loves us'' said Adam with a content smile. ''Anyway, we got distracted here; actually we had come here to borrow some goodwill from you'' he diverted the attention of Gelos to their cause. ''Due to recession in heaven, Reserve Bank of Heaven is not lending goodwill at the moment and both of us need it desperately, for we have some tasks to do that requires heavy expenditure of goodwill. We thought, since you make people laugh, you must have good reserves of goodwill in your account'' he said.

''Oh how I wish that was true, but I am afraid it is not the case.''

''Why, what happened?'' asked Indra.

''Actually most of the laughs that I produce and send to earth remains unused'' said Gelos.

''But why?'' wondered Adam.

''While rich people don't have any time to laugh, poor people don't have reason'' said Gelos. "They don't realise what they are missing by not taking enough time to laugh. You don't need a reason to laugh, for it is not without a reason that it is called as 'best medicine'."

''Why?'' asked Indra. ''Why laughter is called as best medicine?''

''Well, you ask the doctors of earth and they will tell you that it reduces the level of stress hormones like cortisol, epinephrine, dopamine and increases the level of health-enhancing hormones like endorphins in your body'' said Gelos. ''But if you ask me, I will tell you that it is like a soul-bath. It fills not only body, but your very soul with positive energy, boundless enthusiasm and divine happiness, cleansing it off all the darkness and pessimism. What else do you want?''

''Indeed'' smiled Adam. ''Now I see why you don't need a reason to laugh, ha ha ha'' he laughed a joke at Gelos.

''O ho ho ho ho, you are funny'' laughed Gelos. ''O ho ho ho ho'' and the laughter continued....

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  1. I hope you guys like what is probably the last installment of HeavenLeaks. I will see you with some other idea. Enjoy this for now :)

  2. Sad news for me that this is the last post of the series..
    Would have loved to read more stuff from this lovely series..:)

  3. It's the last??? Y???? It was amazing

  4. now if this was the last of the series, it ensures a new series is coming up :-)

  5. I really like the way you put across the message of Laughter is best medicine

  6. I read it in the noon and discovered how laughter and jokes were invented. Lord of Laughter stole Newton's thunder.

    As always a very interesting read Deepak. Now, whenever I think of wiki leaks, heavenleaks comes to my mind.

    Thanks for sharing a wonderful sequel.

  7. jahid says:

    O ho ho ho ho... now heaven would be after U,as u made the leaks public :)

  8. Oh I am really sorry I am visiting the page..after such a long time... I have been away on a vacation... also I think may be subliminally my brain must have refrained me from visiting it ..since I got to know that 'this' is going to be the last of the series ( yeah many a times I just do not finish a good book too fast... I want to keep reading it forever)... but then I could not resist today..

    I can cry over the fact (the series is finished) forever or I can enjoy the moment -the way it ended ... Exemplary is an understatement.. I also liked your doctor's influence in this particular piece

    Loved this bit 'you have everything in you, for you can't discover anything that you don't possess yourself' and where Gelos is talking about how God is mysterious in his ways he watching us and helping us

    Deepak through your writings you send great messages in most convincing ways ... They hit us right where they make most impact..

    Oh God!! I have written a lot...

    Please share more... will wait for another series

  9. Wonderful! imaginative,humorous & insightful- thoroughly enjoyed this post

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